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  1. A

    Question Can the junction temperature reading be wrong on AMD rx6800xt ?

    Ok so I had an rx6600xt for a year The difference between junction vs GPU temp was around 20 to 30 degrees I picked up a used sapphire nitro Rx 6800xt today and the temperature difference is very wierd While the gpu temp is at 72 the junction doesn't go past 80 Now that won't allow the fans...
  2. Moxtez

    Question 6600 xt Only drawing 130w

    I recently bought a 6600xt(Gigabyte eagle) and gaming or doing benchmarks its only drawing 130 w max. I have a 11400f and 16gb 3200 mhz dual chanel. The gpu is currently using pcie 3.0 because I have a fractal node 202 and it came with a pcie 3.0 riser. Can anybody help I think Im losing a...
  3. Potheker

    [SOLVED] Is it worth it buying a "good" Mainboard for performance? (especially for Smart Access Memory / Resizable BAR)

    So I just found out that AMD Smart Access Memory (Resizable BAR) is a thing on my components (RX 6800 and Ryzen 5 3600) but sadly I also found out that my decision to buy the cheapest possible Motherboard (Asrock A320M-HDV R4.0) made me miss out on it, as it doesn't support it. So the question...
  4. alexalexa221

    [SOLVED] Will RDNA have a DLSS feature in the upcoming months?

    From what I know AMD is preparing a DLLS like feature for the RDNA 2 GPU's but will this feature also be available for the first generation of RDNA such as RX 5600 XT >?
  5. uxcioss

    [SOLVED] Upgrade a GTX 1060 3G to a 5700/XT or wait for Ampere and/or RDNA2?

    Well, when I did similar inquaries there were lots of topics about "Is waiting for Ampere worth it?", "Should you wait for next gen GPUs?", "Will RDNA2 deliver?". But most of them were outdated since most events cancelled or delayed because of the pandemic. Both Ampere and RDNA2 coming in the...