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  1. MrSix18

    Question SSD reading at almost 9,000Mbps and writing at 8,000 .. ???????

    so im completely lost, my girlfriends younger cousin was fooling around with my gaming PC obviously (he wont admit it but im not an idiot...i think??) and have had a laundry list of issues since he snuck in and went ballistic with settings for no good reason... at the top of the list.. My m.2...
  2. M

    Question WD Black 4TB drives are either there or not there

    Have had my system completed for a little over a month now, but keep having issues with my two hard drives. A whole plethora of issues, might I computer kept blue screening at one point until I completely disconnected my OS is on my m.2 lol and I had nothing on those...
  3. E

    [SOLVED] Seek And Read Error Rates - Should I Be Worried? I bought these drives something like 3 odd years ago or so and although I fully understand these drives are only for backup proposes only, which is what I do. I sometimes, quite often, on a weekly basis upload...
  4. Question Why does my ssd not work properly?

    Hello! I'm having problems with my SSD where it goes up to 100% but the read and write speeds are at 0. This causes for example windows explorer and the games I have installed on that SSD to not work properly, freeze or just straight up crash. Does someone know what might cause this problem...
  5. [SOLVED] NVME Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB (ONLY 800mb/s)

    Hey All, I have Gigabyte X99 UD4 Motherboard Just installed new Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB. I took out my other HDD's and SSD's and re-installed windows 10 using a flash drive on the new NVME SSD. Checking the read and...
  6. [SOLVED] NVME - Cache and no Cache SSD's

    I was comparing some NVME SSD's and ran into this. How come some SSD's have cache memory, but price difference is minimal? Is cache important? Will it affect gaming? What is the best choice between those 3 (except Samsung in 1TB category and ~ 512GB category). Will seq. read/write of...
  7. K

    Question Help with Confirming a Suspected (Imminent) SSD Failure?

    I have a SSD that I have owned for about a year that I suspect may be beginning to fail. The SSD in question is a KingSpec 360GB SSD 2.5 Inch SATA3 drive. The symptoms are that sometimes when I am trying to save to the drive e.g. saving a video or image from the web there will be a long pause (5...
  8. kol12

    Question SSD read speed for games?

    I just brought a Samsung 869 EVO to run some games off. The particularly game I'm playing only reaches a peak of around 250 MB/s read speed while the drive is capable of 570 MB/s. Wouldn't my game be loading faster if it was utilizing the maximum read speed of the SSD?
  9. A

    [SOLVED] Why does this SSD say 6 GB/s and the description says 500MB/s Title says 6GB/s, description says 500MB/s. Why dont they correlate? Is there anything important im missing?
  10. T

    Do a spoofed Mac address and hacked Wep security, leave permanent loophole in wifi security in future?

    Recently our wifi (with Wep security) was hacked and MAC address spoofed. So I am going upgrade to the WPA2-AES encryption. My question is, in future will an already spoofed Mac address be still a loophole with WPA2-AES security upgrade? I am aware that I've been living under rock for still...