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  1. TroopieLoop

    Question [HELP] System Fan Readings Spiking Abnormally High

    Specs Case - Deepcool CG560 Motherboard - MSI Pro Z690-P DDR4 CPU - Intel i7 12700k GPU - RTX 3080 10Gb RAM - Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR4 Power Supply - Corsair RM850x CPU Fan Cooler - Freezer i35 RGB So i just got done with a new build and when i went to set up my fan control in bios i...
  2. kostadisgeo

    Question Cpu Temp readings wrong

    Recently i replace my cpus thermal paste, cause it was overheating. Now this problem has gone, but my cpu temp readings from inside the bios (asus tuf b550m plus wifi) show 11 celcius. Most other softwares i use take normal readings like 55-80c. like HWmonitor,msi afterburner with rivatuner, amd...
  3. G

    How to Maximize the Life of My RAID 1 Array

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, though not to Tom's Hardware. I have more of a hypothetical question as opposed to a specific problem. My system consists of one SSD set up as a Windows 7 boot drive and two HDDs in RAID 1 configuration being used for file storage. I access files on the hard...
  4. H

    do i need to upgrade my psu it 250watts but siad on boxed it need 400watts at least

    do i need to upgrade my PSU it 250 watts but said on boxed it need 400 watts at least and i notice sometime my computer would not load properly when flash drive and mobile broadband still in and i am buying 850 watts in few week time and spec are 2 GB ram am getting 4GB ram in 2 week and am not...