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    Question Audio cutting out for a second and then returning

    I bought a new computer a week ago and since then I've had this problem: my audio randomly cuts out for one-two seconds and then returns back. It happens to every program (youtube, spotify etc.) and in most games the audio cuts out and my frames drop too. I've tried installing the latest...
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    Question Realtek Audio Control App Issues

    New build with ASUS mobo that uses the Realtek Audio chipset. When I plug headphones into the front panel port, I get a blue Windows 10 popup window that says: This App Can't Open Check the Windows Store for more info about this app. I click the link it gives which opens the Microsoft Store...
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    Question Realtek Audio Console Not working.

    Hello, yesterday I tried to uninstall and reinstall Realtek Audio drivers and now I cannot open Realtek Audio Console, it gives an error "Cannot connect to RPC Service." Please tell me some fix. It used to work. Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-p
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    Can an old hp mid tower case work in 2017

    So im upgrading my 2010 pc and I have an old mid tower hp case, I want to replace everything. Things I will put into it are gtx 1050 mini ,micro ATX B250 mobo ,apevia 500W ATX power supply other componets arent anything major so if you could tell me im gona have any trouble fiting the components...