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  1. Leplivo

    [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Manager missing

    Everything was fine until I installed AI Suite III, it installed a "new update" for realtek hd audio and now i have no sound and the audio manager is missing. I am using earphones on the front jack which worked perfectly before i screwed everything up. The jack on the back works but i can't use...
  2. JC Static

    Question Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Rear Audio Jack with Realtek not working.

    Hi guys. First time posting here. I recently built a new PC with Gigabyte's Z390 Auros Pro (no wifi). My issue is with the Rear Audio Jack not working when I plug in my speakers. No sound is coming out of it even though my window's settings show that the speakers are plugged in. I've already...
  3. B

    Question The realtek high definition audio drivers messed up my headset

    So as I said I installed the realtek hd audio drivers and after that my headset became way more quiet than before . To the point where I can barely hear footsteps and other small sounds in games. This didn't change even after I uninstalled the drivers. So does anyone know how i can fix this ?TY...
  4. S

    Question motherboard 3.5mm inputs not working

    My computer randomly stopped recognizing my 3.5 mm inputs for no reason I've been trying to fix this for a while. I've uninstalled and reinstalled my audio drivers from all the places but whenever I do my realtek folder only shows two files RtlUpd64 and USetup.iss I did notice one thing tho...
  5. P

    Win 8 asked me for new Key!!!!!

    So I bought a eom version of win 8 a while ago and I used it for a new gaming rig but I returned eveything after two week using it. Now I build a new gaming rig and I used the same key to install win 8. Now it want me to enter another key... What can I do?