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  1. Leplivo

    [SOLVED] Realtek HD Audio Manager missing

    Everything was fine until I installed AI Suite III, it installed a "new update" for realtek hd audio and now i have no sound and the audio manager is missing. I am using earphones on the front jack which worked perfectly before i screwed everything up. The jack on the back works but i can't use...
  2. Harielking

    Question Realtek audio manager not opening in Zebronics H81 motherboard

    Hi all I Have Zebronics H81 motherboard . I installed both windows 7 and Windows 10 . But I can't see Realtek Audio manager in task manager and control panel. In program files I tried to open but there is no action . I tried to Reinstall and download drivers for Zebronics website ...
  3. V

    Will my CX500 work with a GTX 750 Ti?

    I was going to buy a graphics card and the 750 Ti was the best for my budget. My question is, is the CX500 enough for my system? Or do I need a better PSU? Here are my specs: CPU: i3 4160 3.6 ghz STOCK GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400 RAM: G skill ripjaws x series 8GB 2x4 Dual channel DDR3 1600mhz...