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    Question Pc only starts after CMOS clearing!!!

    Hi everyone, The thing is my PC was running normally at night, but the next morning when I turned it on, it began with a boot loop. The CPU cooler fan and the GPU fans started to spin for just 2 seconds, then the PC turned off and tried to start again, doing the same, getting in a boot loop...
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    Question First Boot Cycle after PSU has been turned off? Help!

    Hi guys, I just built a PC. It seems to be working fine but it has some wierd behaviours. First of all it has quite long shutdown/restart time. Much longer than I am used to with other computers. And also, the main problem: When I start the PC after the PSU has been turned off / unplugged the...
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    i5 6600k 4.4Ghz set at 1.28V but keeps on going between 1.296V and 1.312V when running aida64.

    Aida64 the voltage keeps on switching every few seconds but not on Prime95 even though the temperatures reach higher on Prime95 up to 77C and average at about 66C. I'm not sure if this is fine to leave it as it is or change a setting in the BIOS to stop it from switching. Thanks
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    Cant uninstall any app or programme on windows 10

    Hi I have tried to unnstall an app or programme but it will not let me. They are apps like google chrome and roblox, but they dont unistall. On the settings it only sshows three programmes. they are google chrome,microsoft one drive and another. I need to delete several games but I cant. Thanks :/
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    reduced number of cpu cores

    i manually reduce my cpu cores and now i cant invert this so im stuck with only 2 cores. PLZ HELP