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  1. P

    Question PC Reboots Without warning

    Hi all, my specs: Mobo - gigabyte b560 ds3h GPU - nvidia rtx 3070ti FE CPU - Intel Core i5 11400 CPU cooler - veetro v5 RAM - 16 gb 2 stick silcon power SSD - Kingston about 200gb HDD - 1TB PSU - EVGA 710 BP 710w My PC has been crashing only when I play video games (specifically CSGO which...
  2. ssbaraskar99

    [SOLVED] Intel CPU contacts stabbed by socket pins, contact pads condition not good; does this cause random Reboots ?

    SYMPTOMS (from 2 weeks) : My PC keeps rebooting randomly, Sometimes it keeps turning ON-OFF & never even reaches POST (no BEEP) OR Sometimes it comes to desktop (with in 20 - 60 secs) reboots, OR Sometimes works completely fine as if nothing ever happened ! Now it just stays ON, No BEEPs, NO...
  3. OneLemur

    [SOLVED] Weird restart issue after upgrades

    I replaced my ASUS TUF motherboard with the higher end ASUS ROG and built the system into a new case with better cooling as I was getting high temperatures. The PC runs fine until I put some load on it. The difference on the CPU (Ryzen 9 5900X) is massive: Before: Clock speed: 3700-3800MHz...
  4. S

    Question Problems with rebooting, a lot of things checked already.

    SOLVED: PC case was causing some grounding/shorting, breadboarding the setup fixed the issue. Hello. Since few weeks I have a problem with constantly rebooting PC. I am writing the post, because I feel like I already checked almost everything that can be checked to troubleshoot this...