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  1. T

    [SOLVED] Responsive but “crashed” Shogun 2

    Good morning, everyone. yesterday I transplanted my build from an old mid-ATX tower into a Darkflash DLM-22 m-ATX tower. All the hardware transferred over no problem, and in the process I upgraded from a tower air cooler to a Corsair h100i v2 for CPU cooling. The machine powered on just fine...
  2. H

    Question Pc starts for 2 mins after welcome screen then shut down?

    I rebuild my pc after clearing the dust when I started it.It stopped after boot screen ,then I checked some common post errors and reconnected Ram and cmos battery ,So now it starts with a little long beep from before and I had gone till welcome sceen and desktop screen after 2 mins it boots...
  3. Noxlus

    [SOLVED] Will this CPU work with my current motherboard?

    I'm looking at upgrading my current CPU which is the Intel Core i7-4770 CPU 3.40 GHz. My friend that helped build my PC has passed, and I'm not the most informed when it comes to computers. I see they don't sell my motherboard anymore, would it be worth upgrading that too? My only complaint with...
  4. C

    Question Im looking to sell my motherboard but it has a bent usb 3.0 pin, how much value do I loose?

    I have the prebuilt 870-244 from hp. I'm looking to move my GPU, CPU, and PSU into a new case with a new motherboard. Unfortunately, my old motherboard has a bent USB 3.0 pin (Long story, it was my fault). How much does the bent pin reduce its value and how much could I expect from it overall...