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    [SOLVED] Av reciever Pioneer vsx-323-k vs Sound Blaster AE-7

    Hello, I want to upgrade my audio setup. I would like to know which device will send better signal to my 5.1 speakers. I have a possibility to buy second hand AV reciever Pioneer vsx-323-k or I'm thinking of buying new AE-7 Sound blaster sound card. Which will produce better quality of sound...
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    Connecting wireless headphones to TV

    I have a Samsung ue55ku6072u TV and i would like to connect my wireless headphones(sony tmr rf865r) to it but i have no idea how. I tried to just plug them in every port that i could but it didn't work. Is an adapter or something else like that needed?
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    Intel 3D XPoint Optane SSD DC P4800X Performance Preview

    Intel offered us the opportunity to remotely test the DC P4800X in its top-secret lab buried in its expansive Folsom campus. Of course, we couldn’t pass up a crack at testing the hottest new storage device in, well, forever, so we have some results. Intel 3D XPoint Optane SSD DC P4800X...
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    New Graphics card

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum but I want to say just how interesting some of the topics are, hopefully I will learn quite a bit here. Can anyone tell me please if I am heading in the right direction. My PC has an ASUS M4A87TD mainboard with 8Mb of DDR3 memory and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX460...
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    Will a pump be controlled by a fan controller?

    I have a Swiftech MCP655-B 12v Water Pump in my water cooling system. I am wondering if I connect it with a fan controller, whether the controller is able to switch its speed or not? Thanks