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  1. D

    cant install updats after fresh windowns install

    i cant install any updats on windows 7 64bit. I try to download the updats and they wont download i am stuck with my head in m
  2. A

    $1900 gaming build need help

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get some opinions on my second gaming PC. Below are the parts I've selected (I already have a 1050 watt power supply, CD drive, windows and peripherals, etc.): Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced - High Air Flow Full Tower Computer Case with USB 3.0 and All-Black...
  3. W

    Lack of display issue, help needed!

    Hey so my buddy is having a problem with his PC. All of sudden he is getting a boot-up issue. When he powers on the rig, his drives boot up, his fans start up along with all the lights within the chassis, but for some reason there is no video output. He tested this on his monitor and a TV to no...
  4. Z

    DirectX12 GPU and DirectX 11 OS

    I have an NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 v2 FTW 2GB and it supports DirectX 12. I'm about to change from WIndow XP to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. As we all know, Windows 7 supports DirectX 11. My question is: Will my GPU supports this OS and work perfectly fine? Answers are really appreciated!
  5. X

    Need help with deciding graphics card

    Hi, I was deciding on a graphics card. I came down to two: MSI R9 270X 2GB & Sapphire R9 270X 4GB (prices fairly same to each other). I took a look at their specs and saw that the MSI comes with a 1030Mghz core clock and the Sapphire one comes with a 1020Mghz core clock. The MSI one can be...
  6. L

    Overclocking my first gaming rig I'm building my first gaming rig and just want to check there is nothing wrong with it for overclocking and gaming. I will only be going for a mild overclock and am not experienced so if someone knows what I could get on this system it would be appreciated.
  7. sadab0

    which graphics card for 720P high texture?

    ( OR ( going to be playing at 30fps
  8. L

    250 tv monitor budget

    Hi. I am currently using a RCA L40FHD41YX9 tv for both pc use and console games. Its about 4 years old maybe little older. I am wanting to find something new to use so I can give tv to kids. I can only budget about 250$ for new monitor. Going smaller is fine and losing out on picture quality as...
  9. N

    Corsair Link Not Detecting H100i, Windows 8.1.

    Hi. I've upgraded my PC to Windows 8.1 Pro and Corsair Link is not detecting the fans and the water blocks LED colour can't be changed. I've tried plugging the USB 2.0 cable into a different Motherboard header, its not solved the problem. I'm aware the H100i software has problems with Windows...