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  1. klear6

    Question Can I recover data from beneath an OS install?

    I had a Kali/Win 7 Aero Blue Lite install. Some fool installed XP over top of that whole thing. Can I get any data back?
  2. Question Unable to downgrade Windows 11

    I am trying to downgrade back to Windows 10 from Windows 11 which I was able to successfully install on my "unsupported PC" following a YouTube tutorial by removing TPM stuff. I followed the instructions to downgrade back to Windows 10. I went to Settings, Recovery, and the Go back button was...
  3. A

    Question Raid 5 si3114 spanned drive disk failure of 1 of 4 drives how to save the data and access the drives

    I have a si3114 controller and set up as a Raid 5 spanned drive. i am running windows 10 I have 4 hard drives to make up my raid and one of them has completely failed. I remove the drive from the array and replaced it with a drive that is the same size as the failed one. when i go into...
  4. R

    [SOLVED] can't read hdd

    I have a 1GB MVME boot drive, a 256gb SSD secondary drive and a 2TB WD Black HDD. A couple of weeks ago something happened that made all the drives unreadable. I reinstalled Windows 10 on the MVME drive and then i was able to read and use the MVME and the SSD. I downloaded Recuva and I can...
  5. [SOLVED] How do you format RAW without losing data

    My hard drive is dying/dead(?). The file system changed to RAW and I cannot open the drive anymore. Is there any way I can get my data back or format without erasing? The drive is called: Seagate ST31000340AS (I tried CHKDSK but it said "The type of the file system is RAW. CHKDSK is not...
  6. A

    Question How to recover deleted files from external drive ?

    How to recover deleted files from external drive ? I have tried to use easeus data recovery. It scans the drive for too long, then when I opted for recovery, it goes on and on. After 1.5 days, it only showed 1% progress. Devastated now. Please guide me what to do.
  7. X

    Question recover files from usb showing empty drive

    i have this usb with important files in it but windows can't read it the weird thing is right when i plug it in all the files show up but after a loading they all disapear
  8. O

    [SOLVED] Relatively old SATA HDD working, but cannot connect it and recover data

    Hey guys, I own 5 years old 1TB HDD that belongs to Seagate. I have important information on this HDD, one day I have opened a very old file from this HDD and suddenly it started to work properly. The next time I booted my computer it went into recovery mode, trying to defrag 1m pieces at rate...
  9. K

    [SOLVED] RAW Drive Partition Data Recovery SUCCESS (EASY)

    So I just had to post this here because I couldn't find this solution anywhere else on the internet (unless I'm not looking hard enough) Quick backstory, I work at a basic phone/computer repair shop, and I have had a few customers come in with computers that wont boot, upon mounting the hard...
  10. origamiboy2

    [SOLVED] 3 x Hard Drives suddenly unallocated: How to recover their data ?

    So about a month ago I switched out my motherboard from a Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro to an Asus x570 TUF. This switch caused 3 of my drives to become unallocated, which I was pissed off about, but I did successfully recover my important files using EaseUS. However today I uninstalled RGB Fusion...
  11. mikekazik1

    [SOLVED] Are docking stations more reliable than external USB hard drives?

    I had a Western Digital Passport from 2011 that died on me a few months ago. I was thinking about getting something else so I can do external file backups. I came across some hard drive docking stations that you can stick regular desktop hard drives into and have that be your backup device...
  12. D

    Question How to fix corrupted SSD?

    Long story short: My SSD is no longer recognized properly. The UEFI BIOS sees it is connected but doesn't find it to be bootable. I have tried to read the disk using different partition managers and they all say the same thing: it has one unknown partition on it, even though it used to have 2...
  13. T

    Question Why my SSD went bad all of a sudden?

    My HP Envy 4 laptop was running Windows 10 on a 240GB Kingston SSD. The disk had only two partitions and everything was working satisfactorily for about 4 years until recently, despite the strange high pitch noises coming from the disk while in operation. Last week when it was waking up from...
  14. O

    [SOLVED] Recovering data from a WD two bay external

    I am looking for help recovering my data from a Western Digital external hard drive. I removed the drives and installed them in a tower and ran smart tests and bechmarks on them, and they are both fine. The problem I have is getting the partition back or to mount. Linux says unknown partition...
  15. crash1988

    [SOLVED] I/O device error - Seagate Freeagent

    Hello, I've got a Seegate Freeagent Desk 1 TB external drive wich had been working fine for several years. Now, I can't access files with with file explorer and get the error "Location is not available: F: is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error." I...