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  1. Z

    Question Zip file password, please

    Hey guys I just tried to open an old file with some very important things in it, to the point I'm really depressed about it because i can't remember the password... Is there any way to get around it? I don't care how difficult..i just need to get into it. Any help would be really appreciated...
  2. ajsolutions777

    Question Drive showing as Unallocated

    Hello, I have a 2TB WD Green internal hard drive for PC. All of a sudden, when I boot up the PC in the morning, there was no partition in the windows explorer. I checked in the storage in Device manager and found that the disk was showing as Unallocated space - not initialized. When I tried to...
  3. Question Is this Pendrive recover able or already dead?

    Pendrive Model: Adata UV128 32GB USB 3.0 Using since: 19 May 2015 Pendrive all files is okay (sadly don't have backup, I was using this thing as my external drive), But: 4 conditions : 1) Pendrive is connected (notification sound also, but no notification), icon bar is showing that pendrive...
  4. M

    Question How to remove laptop hard drive and recover data through USB port on Pc?

    I have a laptop that will not start. I want to take out the hard drive and back it up onto my PC. Is there a cable that will connect it through USB, so it will show ups a drive? How would I power it up so it would be recognized on my PC?
  5. J

    Question Internal HDD unallocated after installion in new PC

    I recently upgraded my PC and with this did a fresh install of windows. I wanted to temporarly connect my old HDD's to transfer the data over to the new m.2 that I have, but the HDD isn't showing in the file explorer. It is however showing up in disk management but as "unallocated". I have...
  6. B

    Question Ransomware .booa DJVU

    Guys that's urgent my computer has been totally ruined up, i got infected by ransomware .booa DJVU\Stop i have tried all of the following: -Emsisoft decryptor -Shadow Explorer -online repair -photo rec -deleting the ips in hosts file,deleting maliciuos registeries,maliciuos startup...
  7. B

    Question Recover data from formatted disk

    Hi everyone, I had to formatted a HDD with the W10 installation tool (the partition where it was already installed) because the OS crashed. Is there any program that can actually find/recover files from desktop/documents/etc? I've tried these three already EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro...
  8. Noothan98

    [SOLVED] How to get files back?

    my laptop acer nitro 5 i7 gtx 1050ti 8gb ram windows 10 i deleted a folder (in downloads) using shift+delete about a month ago and i havent created any backup as such How do i get it back?
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Wrong voltage on SSD - Can I recover the data?

    Yesterday I plugged the drive in my SSD when I wanted to transfer some important files to the server, but I accidentally turned the connector the wrong way. When I did it, some smoke with terrible smell came out. I disconnected it immediately, but it was too late. It is dead now. Later I opened...
  10. L

    Question Windows 10 wont update

    Hello guys, i got problem with Windows updates, i just wont update. Everytime i tried install the updates the pc RESTART and start updating, then it crash in about 16% in. then the pc revert back to old version. I tryed using CMD comands to check disk with no problems found. Windows crash code...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] after a big storm stuck at "starting windows" screen

    I had turned off my pc before the storm happened but still when i tried to turn my system on it gets stuck at ''starting windows". I have also tried to launch 'startup repair' but after the windows is loading files screen happens my moniter screen turns off for a second and it get stuck when it...
  12. Confectrix

    Question BIOS says Cpu Temp. is 100C. [SOLVED]

    So I uninstalled all of the parts of my Pc and reinstalled them. And now when I try to open it, it freezes and crashes. Sometimes with a blue screen sometimes directly. So I got in to BIOS and it shows that Cpu Temp is 100C. Is that true or just a mistake? Is my Cpu really 100c? Also my BIOS...
  13. M

    Question Recover data from an unallocated SSD after it was unplugged.

    Hi all, Thanks in advance. Please point me in the direction if you know of a solution else where. I was under the impression my motherboard allowed me to hot swap my SSD drives, I needed to get some information off another SSD and just went ahead and swapped out a storage drive, after the deed...
  14. S

    Question Recovering deleted zip file from microSD card

    About a month ago I took some photos while traveling with my phone, put them in a folder, zipped it and put it to microSD card (to keep it until I have a chance to copy it to my computer). Couple of weeks ago I suddenly needed a space on my microSD card and unfortunately I deleted a zip file...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] PC is on a old save? HELP!!!

    My computer turns off if the power cable moves, this happened and my pc shut off. When i went to turn it back on my monitor didn't have signal, so i removed the GPU, motherboard battery and the ram. When i went to turn it back on it seems like its on a old save or something. I have all me files...
  16. Leonniar

    [SOLVED] Battery Dead Android Data Recovery

    Hello guys . So recently my phone (Xiaomi redmi note 5A Prime) fell into a pool of water . After letting it dry the device could turn on but was completely unresponsive . A day later the device was completely dead . i opened it up and show that the battery was in terrible shape with bumps and...
  17. E

    Question Will my old HDD still work?

    I don't remember the exact date, but back in 2010-2012 I bought my first laptop. The HDD that came with it broke in 2015, so I bought a new one, which broke in August of 2017, but by that time much of the hardware didn't work properly anymore, so I only kept a few items that I might use in a new...
  18. N

    Question Reboot issue - "System will be recovered !" while I don't want to...

    Hi Everyone, While trying to change the boot order in the BIOS for a Panasonic VAS 6160 with Windows 7, I have changed something that now makes the computer restart in the recovery mod under windows cmd. the cmd window says " System will be recovered ! " Press 2 and return to recover the...
  19. Akshae Samson

    Question Can’t recover data from HDD

    When I plug it in, the power goes in and the disk moves but can’t be detected (not even in the BIOS). It has a lot of data in it to recover. What can be done to recover all of the data? WD 500 GB SATA 32 MB cache
  20. A

    Question Huawei P20 Pro data lost / recovery options

    hello guys, something weird happend my phone was at my lil cousin hand and he was watching YouTube videos suddenly phone asked for password i entered my password the phone said wrong password locked for 30 minutes and restarted after 30 minutes the phone booted with all data and applications...