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  1. L

    Question Windows 10 wont update

    Hello guys, i got problem with Windows updates, i just wont update. Everytime i tried install the updates the pc RESTART and start updating, then it crash in about 16% in. then the pc revert back to old version. I tryed using CMD comands to check disk with no problems found. Windows crash code...
  2. M

    Question after a big storm stuck at "starting windows" screen

    I had turned off my pc before the storm happened but still when i tried to turn my system on it gets stuck at ''starting windows". I have also tried to launch 'startup repair' but after the windows is loading files screen happens my moniter screen turns off for a second and it get stuck when it...
  3. Confectrix

    Question BIOS says Cpu Temp. is 100C. [SOLVED]

    So I uninstalled all of the parts of my Pc and reinstalled them. And now when I try to open it, it freezes and crashes. Sometimes with a blue screen sometimes directly. So I got in to BIOS and it shows that Cpu Temp is 100C. Is that true or just a mistake? Is my Cpu really 100c? Also my BIOS...
  4. M

    Question Recover data from an unallocated SSD after it was unplugged.

    Hi all, Thanks in advance. Please point me in the direction if you know of a solution else where. I was under the impression my motherboard allowed me to hot swap my SSD drives, I needed to get some information off another SSD and just went ahead and swapped out a storage drive, after the deed...
  5. S

    Question Recovering deleted zip file from microSD card

    About a month ago I took some photos while traveling with my phone, put them in a folder, zipped it and put it to microSD card (to keep it until I have a chance to copy it to my computer). Couple of weeks ago I suddenly needed a space on my microSD card and unfortunately I deleted a zip file...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] PC is on a old save? HELP!!!

    My computer turns off if the power cable moves, this happened and my pc shut off. When i went to turn it back on my monitor didn't have signal, so i removed the GPU, motherboard battery and the ram. When i went to turn it back on it seems like its on a old save or something. I have all me files...
  7. Leonniar

    [SOLVED] Battery Dead Android Data Recovery

    Hello guys . So recently my phone (Xiaomi redmi note 5A Prime) fell into a pool of water . After letting it dry the device could turn on but was completely unresponsive . A day later the device was completely dead . i opened it up and show that the battery was in terrible shape with bumps and...
  8. E

    Question Will my old HDD still work?

    I don't remember the exact date, but back in 2010-2012 I bought my first laptop. The HDD that came with it broke in 2015, so I bought a new one, which broke in August of 2017, but by that time much of the hardware didn't work properly anymore, so I only kept a few items that I might use in a new...
  9. N

    Question Reboot issue - "System will be recovered !" while I don't want to...

    Hi Everyone, While trying to change the boot order in the BIOS for a Panasonic VAS 6160 with Windows 7, I have changed something that now makes the computer restart in the recovery mod under windows cmd. the cmd window says " System will be recovered ! " Press 2 and return to recover the...
  10. Akshae Samson

    Question Can’t recover data from HDD

    When I plug it in, the power goes in and the disk moves but can’t be detected (not even in the BIOS). It has a lot of data in it to recover. What can be done to recover all of the data? WD 500 GB SATA 32 MB cache
  11. A

    Question Huawei P20 Pro data lost / recovery options

    hello guys, something weird happend my phone was at my lil cousin hand and he was watching YouTube videos suddenly phone asked for password i entered my password the phone said wrong password locked for 30 minutes and restarted after 30 minutes the phone booted with all data and applications...
  12. Question Cannot read hard drive

    The data on the drive is not mission-critical, so I won't send it to a recovery service but would still like to try getting the files off it. So here's what happened, I wasn't able to load into windows until I unplugged the drive, which I later connected with a USB 3.5" enclosure. It was shown...
  13. H

    Question Recovering files from a 32 GB eMMC

    Recently had a laptop break and die. Was attempting to access it still to recover files when i realized it was utilizing a 32 GB eMMC instead of SSD. Is it possible to externally access the memory saved on a 32 GB eMMC chip without booting the system?
  14. SandPenguin96

    [SOLVED] I can't boot from the SSD.

    Hi everyone. As the title says, i can't boot the OS (Windows 7) from my brother's SSD (Kingston UV400 240GB). Last night, i was working with this normally, like any other day, no problems at all. Today, unexpectedly, i got the "Missing Operative System" error after bios post; and when i...
  15. A

    [SOLVED] How do I restore a long lost Minecraft world

    So I had this world which is very dear to me that I lost back in 1.2.5, It was made on another PC and I lost it there. Even though I think it is impossible to get it back, was just wondering if there is some way. If it is possible please tell me how. This is a very dear world to me and I put a...
  16. kikobie

    Best choice to upgrade from gtx 1060

    Hello guys Need help on deciding what to do. I recently got a Asus Gtx 1060 dual Oc and found out about a new 6gb deal in a store near us here in the philippines. They say its because of over production. My cpu is i5 3570k @ 4.4ghz max temps at 76celcius aircooled. Got 2 SSDs 1 120gb and another...
  17. A

    Very silent fan for LGA 1155 socket

    Hello, I am looking a very silent fan as I have already 3 big fans for my case and 4 for my graphic cards. All those are quite silent but the fan I am using for my CPU is really noisy. Do you have any feedback regarding the Noctua NH-U9S ? Do you know any other fan that would even be more silent ?
  18. S

    My costom PC wont connect to the internet.

    I plugged an ethernet cable into my PC the computer recognizes it is there but wont connect I found out it was because of the drivers but I cant update my drivers with no internet? how do i update my drivers with no internet? someone please help.
  19. T

    before my head explodes please help

    I'm trying to get my first build going (noob) but I need some help on which way to go . This will be used by the whole family including my son for games so I'd like it to be a noticable upgrade over the hp laptop which uses a A10 4655m cpu with radeon hd 7620 + hd 8670m gpu. I've been looking...
  20. D

    Setup was unable to create directory

    I'm trying to install cheat engine 6.6 on windows 10 64 bit, I get the following error: I guess OneDrive is somehow interfering with the installation, not sure what to do ?