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  1. Question chkdsk is taking forever to fix an external HDD, is there an alternative fast way ?

    Hi everyone, I recieved an external SAMSUNG 500 GB HDD from a friend trying to fix it because he wanted the data on it but couldn't access it, the main problem with the HDD was that when it connects to a PC the windows asks to format it before using it as in the usual message : "You Need to...
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    Question Veracrypt encryption process failed, now I need to recover my files.

    So Veracrypt has left me with an unusable drive with a lot of important files on there. It was most of the way through the process and now will not continue. I cannot figure out how to get it to continue or even why it isn't working now. I did not stop the process without deferring. Operation...
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    What should I upgrade in my computer next?

    PC: I do mid to high end gaming. Usually running GTA 5 at 60-70 FPS on ultra. I am assuming maybe a new CPU next, but not sure. Before I blew money on something that wasn't going to help me I thought I would ask on here what to upgrade next. I put my PC on...