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  1. Techrookie89

    Question Accessing Recycle Bin of Other User Accounts

    I lent my cousin my old laptop (Windows 10) to use But I forgot to empty the recycle bin on my main user account. :eek:There were some REALLY embarrassing files in the recycle bin that I don't want anyone to see. Before I gave her the laptop, I created a second local account with admin access...
  2. [SOLVED] emptying recycle bin doesn't empty at all

    On my desktop is an icon for the Recycle Bin. I understand that when a file is deleted it isn't really and gets listed in this Recycle Bin. But I assumed that when this was emptied, those files were finally gone. A third party file manager shows the recycle folder on my several additional...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Can my PSU handle the upgrade?

    i have i7 3770 and 8gb and PSU corsair cx600 and i'm planing to buy gtx 1060 6gb so will my PSU able to handl it ?
  4. I

    can't open nvidia control panel

    I build a new PC yesterday, at first it did open the control panel, but when i started downloading stuff it didn't open anymore and said "you are currently not using a display attached to an nvidia gpu". I've tried a lot of stuff and it still says the message (updated bios, updated drivers...
  5. E

    Internal Ethernet Card

    I have purchased a internal Ethernet card about a year ago. It seemed to be going fine until no. Every time I start up my PC it takes a while for the Internet to actually connect. anyone having the same issue or have a solution for me.
  6. Mastersaofan

    Secure computing UPS 3000VA UPS

    Hi, does anyone have information about this brand of UPS? I bought it already but Im worried that its really not a reliable brand since not much info is available online. My fault for not doing research 1st but it was the only UPS that has a 3000VA which I needed for my work. Any info about it...
  7. C

    Hard drive partition with OS cannot be read. Can this be fixed?

    My brother's laptop won't boot up to windows so I did some troubleshooting and put the hard drive in a hdd enclosure. The backup partition can be read with all the files and stuff but the other drive with the operating system can be seen but it just says local disk F. I can't open it or...
  8. S

    can not conect to my minecraft server through public ip

    hi im trying to setup a minecraft server i can connect thru my locale ip but not my public one it shows up like this picture i found on the web > . my port is open according to network utility on my mac my (Port Scan has started… Port Scanning host: my public ip...