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    Question PC showing red cpu led and fans speed up after a bit

    Hi, I was using my pc and it froze, so i restarted it but after restarting the pc didnt turn on, it showed red light on cpu led and the fan sped up.
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    Question b450 red cpu light wont boot

    Hey guys need some help I have a gigabyte aorus b450 elite (new) when I try to power it on all fans and gpu start spinning but it comes up with a red cpu light, the cpu fan is also plugged in and spinning, have tried different coolers also i have tryed a ryzen 3 1200 and a ryzen 2600 in the...
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    Looking for most quiet and efficient power supply and GPU for my future build.

    Hello I am getting close to buying my new build and i have come down to these picks based on my understanding that are quiet, efficient and should last for years and perform well. [Note these prices are based on my location in the world] Antec EDGE 650w - $160 (I heard these run very quiet and...
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    looking for help on proper wiring to custom build.

    First build help, or suggestions: Where do I hook up the molex cables to? And How many molex cables should be hooked up together in total? (ex: PSU, and 2 case fans) Where do I insert the cables from the external card readers to on the motherboard? (ex: HDD LED, Power Switch, Reset, Vcc1+...
  5. woworwow

    ECS H61H2-MV V1.0 Essentials PCI-E slot version

    So i have this motherboard (written in the tittle) i want to know does this motherboard have pci-e slot generation 2 or 3. Because on the box and on their website ecs claims that it has pci-e 3.0 but on the board it says pci-e 2.0 and when i check on gpu-z it says my graphics card is running on...