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  1. Will_Dearborn

    Question Red DRAM Light on ASRock B660 Pro RS ?

    Hi everyone! Just tried to build a new system (haven't done that for more than a decade), and ran into trouble, right after trying to boot the system for the first time. The post status checker light for the DRAM turns to red. I'm using 2x8gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (CMW16X4M2C3200C16W)...
  2. Question Red things on my PC screen

    So i just bring my PC back from service center. Then when i turn it on, there was so many red things (i think its a dot) on my screen. not always but in some application like discord, spotify, and chrome. but the brutal one is on discord. It is a driver issue or something?
  3. alanvatrox

    [SOLVED] IDE Disk blinks red on boot ?

    I have this old IDE disk from 1997 which still works. When I plug it into a more recent motherboard (ASUS P5Q3 from 2008-9) it does the "Detecting Drives...." and it shows up there but the name flashes red a couple of times, with the size and all that and then the boot proceeds as normal. What...
  4. Haydez999

    Question RGB Fans Flashing Red

    Hey everyone. Recently I noticed my front two fans have turned red no matter what color i set the overall lighting too, and now they have started blinking red. The fans are still active, but obviously the flashing lights are telling me something is wrong (pc doesn't seem to overheat still.) Help?
  5. N

    Question Gigabyte aorus h470 pro AX red VGA light no post

    UPDTATE: Just replicated the issue without the GPU in the slot and using the onboard CPU graphics. Hey guys. I’ve had this issue with my PC since I got it. every 1-5 boots, there will be no display and IO USB port power. a red light on the motherboard is lighting up VGA. I have swapped the...
  6. J

    Question Debug sequence? Help

    Hi, can someone tell me what the debug sequence means on the motherboard (aorus elite b450). Cpu red flash ram red flash vga red nonstop Usb ports arent working (no lights on keyboard or mouse) No display - no signal on hdmi No light on disk activity (light on the pc case) Can it really be...
  7. Question Cant enter Windows 10 - Samsung Evo 970 NVMe problem with MSI B350 Gaming Plus MBB

    Hi guys, I am having some serious issues with my Samsung 970 Evo NVMe when plugged into my MSI B350 Gaming Plus motherboard. I bought it like a year ago and it seemed to be working fine for about 3-4 months but suddenly it started causing problems by not entering my OS (Windows 10 Pro). The...
  8. VetleK

    [SOLVED] Can someone help me find this sound(headset) software?

    Hey, so about a week ago when I plugged my headset (HyperX Alpha Pro) into the PC a sound software popped up. I don't remember installing it, I don't remember the name but I remember the looks. I had never seen it before so idk ahaha. It's still on my PC somewhere but I can't find it and I've...
  9. LordVile

    [SOLVED] Mechanical keyboard help

    Looking to buy a mechanical keyboard next week. Currently looking at the Coolermaster SK630 TKL version. however wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. I do prefer linear switches not married to any brand or even linear switches but I would like a TKL layout. Been looking for a while but...
  10. K

    Question Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 vs. Fnatic STREAK RGB

    Hi! I can't decide which one keyboard is a better choice for me. What do you think: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 (silent red) Fnatic STREAK RGB (silent red) Please justify it :) Thank you
  11. A

    Question PW LED nessesary?

    Helo all, I have recently built my own computer with a blue and black color scheme, but that darn on off button and the reset switch have a bright red LED in them. So my question is: Do i really need to plug in PW LED ( + and - plugs) on the motherboard?. also, do i need to have the reset...
  12. S

    Question Blinking red light on DRAM

    about once every minute my DRAM on my motherboard will flash red and stay like that for a solid 5 seconds, my motherboard is...
  13. K

    Question Red/Blue horizontal lines from HDMI out

    View: So this happened ! Im on an MSI GE62 VR Apache pro laptop with a GTX 1060 inside and these lines appear on the monitor connected with the HDMI the other output (display port with HDMI adapter) on the laptop does not have any issues. I tried different monitors...
  14. M

    Change HP Processor

    Hi Everyone, I have a HP 14-am085tu laptop. and i have Intel® Celeron CPU N3060 @ 1.60GHZ with 4GB installed memory and 64bit operating system Can i change my laptop PROCESSOR to a BETTER one? OR should i change it with my motherboard as well? I shall be very thankful to any answer!
  15. J

    W10 Desktop Very Slow

    Hey everyone, I just got a new laptop a couple of days ago (Dell G5) and it runs great except for the desktop. Whenever I try to do anything on the desktop (including a simple right click), I get the spinning blue wheel for a few minutes. It only does this on the desktop. I cannot see any...
  16. B

    dark screen on a toshiba...i replaced it and STILL dark. can it be more than the screen?

    i had a client bring in a toshiba c55-c5241 satellite with a dark screen. i shine a light into it, and i can see everything, so, i'm thinking it's a backlight and just replace the screen. i do, and sure enough it ALSO is dark, just like the original. i've never had this happen before. did i...
  17. I

    Motherboard and processor upgrade

    Pls I ve a hp 2000 notebook pc with an intel HM75 chipset on the motherboard and an intel core i3 2.4GHz processor. I want to replace my motherboard cos is bad and also upgrade my processor to core i7 3.3GHz. Would this be possible on any hp 2000 motherboard replacement or would I also need to...
  18. F

    RX 580 VRM cooling

    This is probably a dumb question but if I where to attach an AIO to my 580, could I get away with attaching a fan above the VRM or would I have to apply heatsinks on the mosfets?
  19. R

    5.1 Surround Sound

    I am looking one of these 5.1 surround sound systems: 1. Logitech Z506 ($118) 2. a) F&D F6000u ($132) b) F&D F5060x ($134) 3. a) Microlab FC 730 (~$160) b) Microlab FC 861 (~$160) c) Microlab FC 360 (~$160) I have converted the price from my currency to USD $ I will use them for...
  20. B

    Disk order is wrong on ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard.

    I recently built my new PC with a Samsung 960 EVO 250GB NVMe drive and a 1TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD. When I was installing Windows 10, I noticed the Samsung drive was on disk 1 and the Seagate drive was on disk 0. I tried to find a solution to fix this after I installed Windows but I couldn't...
  21. R

    Good time to buy a 1080?

    I know there's never a "good time" to buy a card but are there any potential price drops or new releases on the horizon? I can wait until the end of May before just picking up a 1080. I live in Canada if that makes a difference.
  22. B

    ROG Front base With Asus maximus viii impact .

    I just bought Asus Rog front base . When i checked compatible on rog website , it support . But i dont know how to connect two cables with mobo . Any ideas ?
  23. A

    internal hard drives

    Can i put 2 hard drives in my pc having 550watt psu and gtx 1060 gpu....will it be safe...?
  24. J

    Is my cooler compatible?

    The cooler that is inside of my computer as of right now is the ASETEK 550LC 120MM WATERCOOLER. I have decided that I wanted to update my PC. I plan on buying a new CPU, graphics card, more ram, and a new motherboard. The CPU I plan on buying is an Intel i5 6600, I just need to know if my cooler...
  25. C

    Buying New Motherboard

    Hello All! I recently upgraded a lot on my computer, I went from Eight gigs of ram to sixteen. A 400 Watt Power supply to 850, and from a ge force 750 to a geforce 960. I bought a full size case, yet I still have my micro atx motherboard. It seems like I'm wasting a lot of space and it...
  26. D

    is this a decent build?

  27. M

    New build, Old HD/SSD

    Hey everyone. I'm waiting for all my new build components to arrive in the post. I didn't buy a new SSD & HD as i'm stripping them from my old build. How can i wipe both my HD and SSD completely prior to putting them into the new build. I seen DBAN however i don't want to wipe just my SSD (OS)...
  28. nadasaki

    DRAM LED red same components

    Hi, I got a strange problem. Please help my config: i7 4970k + CM212EVO Asus Gryphon Z97 Armor MSI GTX 970 RAM: 4x4GB Kingston HyperX FURY DDR3 1600 Black PSU: Corsair CS650M This was a working config without any problems from day one, running for a year or so. Yesterday I replaced the stock...
  29. J

    Can I use a Eu power cord on a Us monitor?

    I'm planning to buy a monitor from ebay and It but it comes with a Us power cord. The question is: Can I use a Eu power cord or will there be problems? If I can't just get a new cable can I get an adapter instead?
  30. M

    Best Budget Video Card for My Build

    AMD FX 8350 8Core Black Edition 8GB RAM ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Mobo 725w PSU What is the best video card I can get for around $150? I have a EVGA GeForce GT 610 at the moment and it blows. =\
  31. J

    psu (hive 650 vs evga 500)

    i have a question regarding the psu on my first build. i have a used rosewill hive 650w being offered to me for 30. the total wattage on my build is 420w. should i go with the hive for 30, or spend the extra 10, and go an evga 500w. thanks! here's my build if you have any suggestions...
  32. S

    Switching from Intel HD Graphics to AMD Radeon Graphics

    Hi. I bought a new laptop with Intel HD 520 Graphics and AMD Radeon R7 m360 dedicated graphics. I want to know how to switch from the Integrated graphics card to the dedicated one as whenever I play a game such as Minecraft, it will always say it is running on Intel HD Graphics I have tried: -...
  33. A

    AMD A8-7600 APU Idle and Gaming Temperature too high?

    Hello. I built my build with the A8-7600 3 months ago. For the relevant parts, I have an Ice Edge Mini FS V.2.0 CPU cooler, 1 back and 1 side exhaust fan. I've been noticing lately in HWMonitor that idle temp is around 44 - 56C and gaming is around 64 - 80 (maximum temp I've ever had). is this...
  34. T

    Building first PC is my hardware compatible

    Hello, I'm looking to build my first PC for around 700 dollars on the parts listed below. I'm using it for gaming and video editing. I would also like to have upgrade ability later on down the line. Here is the parts list I assembled and I'm wondering if all the parts will work together...
  35. C

    Off Topic PS3 Saved Data Transfer Question

    Hello Sorry for this but i need help... So , I am trying to copy my gta v save data from my psn to a friend's psn but when he is trying to open it , it says something like ''You didn't create this save data , file can not be loaded'' . So I went back to my ps3 'saved games folder' and I saw...
  36. bryceberger

    Any other Keyboards like this one?

    Hello. I was looking for a key board similar to this on with the programming features for coloring and buttons. But 60$ for my 10 year old son is a little much. I wanted to know if there were anymore out there like this one. It doesn't have to be a huge brand or mechanical. Please if...
  37. N

    Prioritise home network?

    Hi,i would like to know how to prioritise my network at home.The reason I ask is because my brother when he plays on his PS4.It eats a lot of bandwidth and it is affecting the overall performance of the ADSL broadband internet in my home.I have been throttled twice in a row for the same reason.I...
  38. R

    gigabyte ga-f2a88xm mobo with case lights

    I just got some and I can't for the life of me find where to plug them in. I bought DC 12V IDE 4Pin 5050 SMD Flexible Green Light LED Strip for PC Case. I have a Rosewill Stallion Series RD400-2-SB - 400-Watt ATX 12V v2.2 Power Supply. Thanks
  39. M

    Help with a build

    So I'm helping a friend with a computer build and I wanted to make sure everything was fine looking. He has around $1,000, so I was just wondering if all the fans and such were fine looking and if there are maybe any suggestions to upgrade within budget. I think that the fans might be a bit...
  40. A

    Monitor for Gaming GTX980ti Ultra Build, Full HD vs 2k? 22'' vs 27''?

    Hello Everyone! MOTHERBOARD- MSi Z170A Gaming M5 RAM- Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz DDR4 2x8GB GPU- Gigabyte GTX980 Ti G1 Gaming (VGA GBT GTX980TI 6GB G1 Gaming) HD- Seagate SV35 2 TB CPU- Intel Core i7-6700k CPU COOLER- bequiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 PSU- XFX P1-650B-BEFX PSU, 650W SSD- Crucial...