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    Question Is there a way to buy a graphics card cooler and backplate without getting the actual gpu itself?

    I bought a prebuilt a year and a half ago with an rtx 2080. It was a reference card. Since then, I have upgraded my case and case cooling. I would like to try overclocking my card, but I am not really comfortable doing it with the blower style cooler. Is there a way to buy just the cooler? thanks.
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    [SOLVED] Question about Reference 2060 Super and Performance

    I'm eying a Reference 2060 Super right now and I'm wondering if it's worth it to get another version of that card? I'm not really big on Overclocking, I just let the software OC what it can and leave it at that. I play 1080p 144hz but for future proofing assume it's 1440p, is it worth it? If...
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    BSODs due to faulty hardware?

    Hi everyone, I bought some new hardware a few months back (mainboard, CPU, GPU), installed it and after a few weeks I randomly started getting BSODs. Exclusively IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and during all kinds of programs (games, browser, media player, sometimes just in idle with the crash dump then...