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  1. S

    No wifi available

    Hello, The problem is as goes: I just bought a new laptop Acer Aspire E 15(E5-571G-579R) and since the beginning the laptop has had no wifi option. No wifi at Network connections and no driver found for it and also when I troubleshoot only thing that it tells me is that my enthernet cable is...
  2. tonnycassidy25

    0 Mhz GPU ? is it dead ?

    i recently checked my pc and found that one of my graphics card fan doesnt spin so i check the catalyst control center and what i found ? 0Mhz GPU core ,but the cfx is still enabled,how confusing
  3. J

    MSI 760GM-E51 (MS-7596) BIOS update failed?

    Hi guys, Recently I tried to update my motherboards BIOS (a MSI 760GM-E51, model no. MS-7596) and when finished, it said the BIOS update had been succesfull and that it would then reboot. However it seems to have failed anyway, seeing that when booting the computer, sure it will turn on, but...
  4. T

    BF4 - Will it play?

    My buddy was given a computer to him and I am wondering if he will be able to play BF4 on it. He has a Q6700 I believe, @ 2.66 Ghz At least 4gb of ram GTX 730 (Please keep reading I know this this card skips leg day) The thing is he plays on an old desktop 1024x768 screen that might only be...
  5. dabossofbf

    Huge Dota 2 and TF2 FPS Drop

    Hi! I have an Toshiba C855-2GJ PSKCEE Laptop. It has very respectable graphics card and CPU (I can run BF3 at 30-40 even 60 FPS) I decided to play Dota 2 on it. I am used to get 100FPS in Dota at High detail models, 1280x720 resolutin with unselected checkboxes (vsync, AA, shadows, high quality...
  6. M

    Graphics card related problem (i think)

    So I recently installed Bioshock Infinite and it was working fine. but now it's giving me a black screen every time I start it up. I tried every possible fix so i can get it to work. Nothing. Until i switched my dedicated graphics to my Intel one, and it worked perfectly except for the obvious...
  7. H

    swich amd graphics

    hi i have buy a hp pavilion 15-133ne which has 2 graphics. a radeon 8610g and a radeon r7 m260. laptop always use 8610g graphic and i cant switch to r7 m260 graphics becuse its no option in amd catalyst and even inbios/ so how can i switch to r7 m260? please help i dont have money to buy a new...
  8. rocker19943

    Recover data from GPT to NTFS formatted HDD

    Hi, I had 2 GPT partitions and today I rmformatted both to make them NTFS, but after completing formation I realized that I had a very important files to save, now it's lost! Please tell me which program did help you to bring your data back, there is a sea of no working programs.. save my life ;(
  9. M

    How do I set up a network for my business?

    Hi, We have a two story building with a basement. I want to create a wireless internet connection in the building. I have so far wired internet in my main part of the building, also that same part of the building I have wireless but the signal is kind of weak. can you guys please advise on...
  10. nshin313

    I need help with PC wiring.

    At the time of writing, I'm building my first a PC. I need some help for wiring. What do the abbreviations of HD and Ac '97 mean, Where do I plug the HDD LED wires in? Where do I plug the LED wires in? I'm using a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R motherboard.
  11. D

    Wich psu is better ?

    motherboard: Asus sabertooth 990fx r2.0 cpu: fx 6300 video card: tri x oc r9 290 ram: 8gb hyper x blu 1- Tt SMART M650W Modular 650W+80 2- Corsair CX Series Modular CX750M 750W+80 3- Corsair CX Series CX750+80 i can only get one of those, so don't tell me another models. if those models are...
  12. G

    Is a CS750m(GOLD) Enough to power Two Gigabyte GTX970's in SLI?

    I'm currently debating if my PSU is enough to power the two Gigabyte Gtx 970 cards along with my other components. However, i have gone to one of the newest Power supply calculators and it ended up at 522w including the two cards. I would appreciate it if someone could reply to me ASAP as i...
  13. W

    32bit to 64bit upgrade win 7

    I have built my first pc and to save on the cost I have found a windows 7 32 bit disk, my system is 64 bit so is there any way to get win7 64 bit or do I have to just buy the 64 bit version
  14. S

    Toshiba satellite A210-186 won't start up, plugged in but not charging

    I brought this laptop second hand at the end of August and at the start of December it said that the laptop is plugged in but not charging, when I plug the laptop in it charges for about 10 seconds before it stops, the battery is on 43%. Also the laptop doesn't start up properly. The power light...
  15. N

    Choosing which drive on which to load an application

    Can anyone please tell me if if there is any utility, or simple way, to direct a download to install an application on a drive other than C? With SSDs, it can be helpful to keep the boot drive uncluttered by putting less used, or bulky applications, on another drive. However, increasingly...
  16. A

    AMD alternative to Intel

    I have the following build in mind. CPU - Intel 3.1 GHz LGA 1150 i5 4440 4th Generation Processor GPU - Sapphire AMD/ATI Radeon R9 270 with Boost OC 2 GB DDR5 Graphics Card Cabinet- Antec ASK-4000B-U3 Mid Tower Cabinet RAM - G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 4 GB (1 x 4 GB) PC RAM (F3-12800CL9S-4GBXL)...
  17. S

    Install new SSD for operating system whilst keeping old apps and excluding windows running on the old one.

    I would like to get myself an SSD for my gaming PC, I was wondering if there was a way to keep all my old applications on my current HDD and for them to be usable after installing a new SSD and windows. Would it also be possible to fully delete windows from my old HDD and keep my apps...
  18. B

    CoD Advanced Warfare audio loss/frame rate drops

    I am getting some weird video lag and sound problems in Advanced Warfare while playing multiplayer after about 30 minutes. I'll be playing fine, then sounds will stop playing (music first), and then the frame rate will take a huge dive. Especially with enemy players on the screen, it stutters...
  19. G

    HP 700-216 D Drive almost Full

    I just bought a HP 700-216 12g Ram quad core. The D Drive is a "Recovery" disc, It shows almost full and when I am on line playing Poker it spikes at 100% How do I adjust the partition on it I was in it once but forgot how I got there
  20. N

    quadro or geforce

    Hi all, I do a bit of 3d rendering as a hobby, mainly with poser/zbrush/octane, and im looking at putting a third video card in my machine. When using poser and other 3d applications, when you have a large amount of objects in your scene, the viewport becomes sluggish. So my question is: to...