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    CoD Advanced Warfare audio loss/frame rate drops

    I am getting some weird video lag and sound problems in Advanced Warfare while playing multiplayer after about 30 minutes. I'll be playing fine, then sounds will stop playing (music first), and then the frame rate will take a huge dive. Especially with enemy players on the screen, it stutters...
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    HP 700-216 D Drive almost Full

    I just bought a HP 700-216 12g Ram quad core. The D Drive is a "Recovery" disc, It shows almost full and when I am on line playing Poker it spikes at 100% How do I adjust the partition on it I was in it once but forgot how I got there
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    quadro or geforce

    Hi all, I do a bit of 3d rendering as a hobby, mainly with poser/zbrush/octane, and im looking at putting a third video card in my machine. When using poser and other 3d applications, when you have a large amount of objects in your scene, the viewport becomes sluggish. So my question is: to...
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    Asus Laptop not showing full hard drive space, when it was before installing new OS, not a difference of bytes issue.

    Long story short 750gb drive is only showing 698gb after installing Linux and win7 and messing with the BIOS. I have an Asus K550LB, it's quite a good laptop but I recently had issues with Windows 8. I did a factory reset because I thought it'd be easier then digging up my windows 8 disks, boy...
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    Skyim low FPS GTX 770/i7 4930k

    Just went out and built a rig to run Skyrim perfectly with mods. I hand picked every part, I thought I would have a BA little computer. Maybe I'm messing up somewhere. Idk. Any advice is very welcome. i7 4930K 3.4Hz (liquid cooled) Asus Sabertooth X79 MB Gigabyte GTX 770 2gb OC 16 gb 1866...