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  1. L

    [SOLVED] I see the refresh lines on the monitor

    Hello. When I play something that runs at more than 50fps, I see the refresh lines on the monitor. The monitor is old and connected by VGA, so I had to put an (active) HDMI to VGA converter. I already discarded options such as the adapter or the video card. I even tried another monitor and...
  2. MasterZo

    Question Does My settup support 144

    My problem is I am unable to use 165hz with my monitor. It is capped at 120hz. I have a ROG GL553VE Laptop, and a sceptre e255b-1658a Monitor. these are my specs: this is my laptop's manual...
  3. corndog1836

    [SOLVED] What do you think of my proposed new build? Check out this new build. Keeping all other parts in rig. SEE RIG BELOW... CM HAF X case. 240mm side fan, 200mm front fan and 140mm front fan and rgb red and intake fans. custom loop 480mm and 360mm rads with external 480 in push pull ----8 fans...
  4. M

    laptop screen immediately turns blank when no key pressed

    HI all, I have acer laptop. i put my laptop in sleep mode and forgot to turn it off for last 1 month. yesturday when i turned on it, the screen immediately turn off when no key pressing or no mouse movement. when i press any key, it turned on again. Please help me to resolve this issue...
  5. A

    Need help guys, my watercooled 1080ti goes to 90c and 100% utilization when gaming

    Hi guys, need your help. I've just finished watercooling my rig but now, I noticed that it has a low FPS and stutters during gaming. Upon checking it seems that the temperatures are at 90c and 100% utilization even if I'm in the game menu only. I've already tried a couple of things like having...
  6. A

    PCI Lanes and 10GbE NICs

    Hello guys, I got 3 PCs in my network, the specs for the three PCs are given below. Anyway, I've recently come across 3 used GbE NICs (Intel X550 T2) for free cause my company is scrapping one of their servers, so I and was planning to install them on my 3 PCs and set up a Peer-to-Peer 10GbE...
  7. B

    how can i fix my flash drive

    its always crushes everytime i put it in my computer.
  8. I

    Pci e lead slot for motherboard

    I just got the z730 aorus ultra gaming motherboard and I can't find the slot that the wire from my graphics card goes into. Then only one I can see is for my cpu. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. H

    RX 480 CSGO freezing Issue

    My friend has an RX 480 in a pc I built for him, and in CSGO, it lags. We have wiped all drivers and fresh installed the latest one, which should have fixed any power issues. All other aspects of the computer are fine, but I think k it is the video card that is causing a freezing problem.
  10. C

    PC Gaming using 4G or Mobile Data Tethering

    Hey Tom's Community, I have a question about using mobile data for PC gaming. I am a northern California resident and renting a downstairs unit in a house in the Bay Area. Our local ISPs are Comcast and AT&T, and our house is signed up with AT&T. At the moment, the fastest package offered in...
  11. D

    Cannot connect to specific game servers

    EDIT: May have found a way to fix it Just yesterday I found that I couldn't connect to specific game servers to either download updates or to play in general on multiplayer servers. There was also a case of the voice and text application "Discord" being stuck in a constant loop of "Checking for...
  12. M

    Messed Up My Keyboard

    My desktop PC running Win 10 was finished booting, or so I thought, and while typing a message to friend another program window came up. When I attempted to move the new window out of the way I must have hit a stray key or two. What looked like a small function window of some sort popped up. I...
  13. A

    Can ddr3 1600 run on gigbyte g41-m combo

    Sir, I am using intel core 2 quad q9550 on gigabyte g41-m combo so can I upgrade its ram into (ddr 3) 1600.. Please reply
  14. S

    Shader.arc in RESIDENT EVIL 5

    When im trying to installing the game the launcher showing c/..........nativePC/system/ to solve this
  15. kewlguy239

    'Ark Park' Features Steep Minimum Hardware Requirements, Pushes Visual Fidelity In VR

    We had the opportunity to take a stroll through "Ark Park" at GDC, and we were impressed by the sheer detail of the dinosaurs and environment in the game. 'Ark Park' Features Steep Minimum Hardware Requirements, Pushes Visual Fidelity In VR : Read more
  16. P

    Need Help My laptop power button doesn't work

    So this is what happen.Ok so the last time this was used it ran perfectly, then my son accidentally split a tiny bit of soda did NOT spill on the keyboard, it spilled only on the power button area, it was only a little bit, he wiped it off and continued to use the computer the rest of that...
  17. L

    Can I run SWTOR on 1.5GB ram?

    I'm told my version of windows would help. I have windows 8.
  18. A

    how to connect my speakers to this special type amplifier

    this is the back of amplifier, wondering how can i connect my two 4ohm speakers to this amplifier?
  19. J

    Hello is the ASRock H110M-DGS motherboard compatible with my Coolermaster G650M Power supply?

    Hello, This is the first ever computer I have ever built and everything was going well until the end. I tried to turn on the computer but it did not turn on, I asked around and many people are saying it is because my motherboard is not compatible with my power supply. Can anyone please...
  20. ElementAMD

    How is the Killer LAN E2200?

    I'm going to be getting a motherboard that has the Killer LAN Ethernet port, i've seen 1 issue a few years ago, but it seems okay out of a bad driver release. If anyone's had it, is there really much improvement with it, and should I get the latest driver or just the one from the disk?