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  1. S

    Question Should I run badblocks on a "new" refurbished hard drive?

    I recently got a refurbished 3TB HGST Ultrastar 7K4000. The seller claimed it it has 0 bad blocks. The drive passed both short and extended tests with Western Digital's WinDFT. The drive also passed short and extended tests with GSmartControl. As a side note, I'm suspicious the seller may have...
  2. editor1

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to buy use'd phone's an/or tablet's Android an/or Apple ?

    Hi I don't know wear to post this at. Hop this works. I don't want the chance of a keylogger or spy wear built in the firmwear. I want to buy a phone. And later I will buy a tablet. Should I buy a brand new one, refurbished from the company, or any one know of a way to buy a used one (apple...
  3. M

    Question Should I get a refurbished xps 15?

    Found an XPS 15 refurbished in dell outlet for 960 with and i7 and 1050ti and I am considering purchasing it. However I am concerned about some issues I have heard about quality control and temps. I would mainly use it for school, light gaming such as apex, borderlands and indie games for a max...
  4. T

    Question How long before a newly released laptop is available refurbished?

    So I have my eyes set on the 2019 Acer Predator Helios 300 (1660 Ti model). I need to have the laptop before the school year starts (mid August) and would prefer to save a couple hundred by getting it refurbished. It was announced at Acer's show a couple months ago, and started selling at the...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Refurbished Corsair TX850M PSU for $49.99... Too good to be true?

    Planning a new rig at the moment, but the total of all of the parts I want ended up being... a little more than I would like it to be. As a result, I am looking to save money wherever possible. One potential saving opportunity I've found is with the PSU. I'm looking for an 850w PSU, and Amazon...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] I can't figure out how to customize the RGB on my AMD wraith spire

    I have an RGB wraith spire cpu cooler and a tomohawk B450 motherboard. When I use Mystic Light to try to change the colors of the motherboard and cpu cooler RGB the motherboard RGB changes to the color I chose and the cpu cooler changes to some random color(usually red or some shade of green)...
  7. S

    No audio output device is installed

    In device manager that SOUND VIDEO AND GAME OPTION is not showing and i m checked in hidden menu also. it happened due to i am uninstalled the all audio what should i do now..
  8. M

    PC build - installing Windows 10 via ISO on USB to empty SSD

    Hi, I am building a custom PC, and I want to install Windows 10 on to an SSD (which will be the only permanent storage device). I have a i) blank/empty/new SSD (120gb), ii) Windows 10 ISO (downloaded from Microsoft) on a 16gb USB, iii) a licence key (bought separately online), and iv) the rest...
  9. I

    What font do you use for the Windows 10 in "How to Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7"?

    What font do they use for the Windows 10 in "How to Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7"? That font is very neat. I liked to use it for my OS too.
  10. S

    PC Not Booting ( D0 Debug Code )

    I recently finished my new PC build, and when I saw it first turn on, I was amazed. But now, while prepping to install Windows, I plugged in my monitor, and saw the message " No Signal ". Thats when I realized the Debug Code LED had said " E0 ". So going through multiple forums, and using their...
  11. K

    Lenovo Z580 Wifi Connectivity Issue and BIOS

    My laptop had Windows 7 Home Basic initially.When i updated it Windows 8.1 pro, I faced some issues like i was unable to change Brightness, Wifi connectivity issue. Some of the drivers did not work properly.Now i have downgraded my system to Windows 7 ultimate.I am still facing Wifi issue, it...
  12. S

    Xfx rs black edition vs asus strix rx 470

    Hey pals, Choose me a gpu in between them which is good in terms of quality and low rate RMA!!!
  13. T

    Will ubuntu will run super smooth in Intel I3 Skylake with 4 GB of RAM?

    I am planning to buy a laptop specially for ubuntu so will ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS runs super smooth fluid like on an Intel i3 skylake with 4 GB of RAM and 200GB HDD not SSD (Planning for cheap laptop. SSDs are expensive). I know the minimum system requirements:-- 2 GHz dual core processors 2 GB...
  14. A

    GTX 1060 Single or Dual

    Hi Guys, Planning to get GTX 1060 the cheapest here in the philippines are these two: Zotac GTX 1060 Mini 3GB - Php 9,700 or about $200 Palit GTX 1060 Dual Fan 3GB - Php9,900 or about $205 would like to know which is better? TIA
  15. J

    Television instead of Computer Monitor?

    I already own several nice PC monitors that work great with my computers. But I want a bigger screen. I cannot afford a large pc monitor for what they are selling. But Wal-mart has a sale on right now for a big tv screen. The tv says that it can hook to PC. Will it work? Is it worth it...
  16. StarBlazer754

    Is this normal?

    My CPU is giving me a speed from 0.40GHz to like 1.27GHz it's normally around 0.56GHz the base clock is 2.16GHz. The CPU is a Intel Celeron N2830. No need to tell that this CPU is not really good, trust me I know.
  17. L

    OEM windows 7, not sure how to tell?

    Hi and thanks for reading this! I am looking to upgrade my ancient windows 7 pc to a new one, it is a custom built pc from a small local pc store that I have and I'm looking to upgrade with a pre built pc from ebuyer website WITHOUT a windows key. I've read alot about weather I can use the...
  18. A

    Motherboard died, need new one

    Greetings! My motherboard, a MSI socket AM3+/AMD 760G/DDR3 died from a PC build i did last year around this time. I got the build off the intrawebs, budget build, turns out the motherboard was not Windows 10 compatible. Hangs head in shame. Anyway I'm hoping to find a motherboard compatible...
  19. K

    Can I extend my monitor setup using a DVI-I to DVI-D and VGA cable?

    I want to make sure it will work to have two separate displays. the splitter has the same connectors as this: I already have two displays hooked up to an AMD...
  20. ragnarok94

    Future ready gaming/editing rig: 2 x RX 480's, or GTX 1070? ($380-400 GPU budget)

    vote here: Im trying to plan a build within the next year for gaming as well as video editing I use Adobe Premiere Pro & encoder, which utilizes Mercury GPU acceleration, and want to be able to do 4K editing. Normally, CUDA cores gives Nvidia the advantage, and...