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  1. jazgreen99

    Cpu cooler brands

    Hi all Has anyone got the Nzxt Kraken x52 or he Corsair H100i platinum what are your thoughts
  2. I

    [SOLVED] Upgrading My Alienware Aurora R7

    I have an Alienware Aurora and was curious as to which aspect of it i should begin on upgrading first, in order to get things running even more efficiently. Specs" PCU- Intel core i5 8400 GPU- geforece GTX 1070 8 gig RAM 8 gigs
  3. C

    Intel Desktop Board DB75EN not supporting any new graphics cards?

    I've got a DB75EN mobo, tried to upgrade from my GTX 560 Ti to an RX 570, which didn't take. Assuming it was a bad GPU (since system works fine with 560 Ti), I swapped that in for a GTX 1060. Same problem. Specifically, the video cards aren't being detected. They power on, the fans spin, they...
  4. I

    Screen Tearing While Streaming

    Hey I have a really hard time streaming. I have been for the past couple of months. I have upgraded every part in my pc and even upgraded to a 144hz monitor but nothing changes. The game still feels like it is tearing while streaming. This doesn't happen when i'm not live. CPU: Intel Core...
  5. C

    Power sw reset sw led hdd and power led +/- help!

    Hello everybody, I changed my old motherboard with mih61r mb 10097-1 and I do not know how to put those cables (Power sw, reset sw, led hdd, power led + and power led -), help me please.
  6. Z

    Newly built PC, no video output, or usb response.

    Hi, I have recently decided to build a gaming pc and all the parts are in, however when i plug it in and turn it on i receive no video output, or signs of my usb devices functioning. However on bootup i receive one beep, which according to the mobo manufacturer means that the system bootup was...
  7. P

    How do I get wifi from one house to another wirelessly? (100m)

    Long story short: My landlord is a prick and won't connect fiber to my our house cause he's greedy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. So I'm thinking about getting one of those satellite dish wifi transmitters. Something like this: One would be connected to his router...
  8. H

    is my hard drive working OK? (see screenshots)

    i have an used hard drive that came out of an pc that someone did away. its a 2 TB samsung hard drive model hd204ui. the thing is that i find it making a lot of noice. when you are doing stuff on the computer and when it is starting up, you can hear it really well. i used some programs to test...
  9. S

    Hyper T4 LGA 1511 installation

    How do i install the Coolermaster Hyper T4 onto a LGA1151 socket, which hole do i put the screw on, becuase Coolermaster website said that it is compatible with LGA 1151, Thanks, salm2s
  10. K

    Affordable PSU for Ryzen 1700x + 1080Ti combo?

    So I plan to build a PC for lumion, sketchup, etc. And the list is: Procie : Ryzen 1700x GPU : INNO3D GTX1080Ti ICHILL X4 11GB DDR5 MB : MSI B350 GAMING PRO CARBON Storage : SAMSUNG 850 EVO M2 RAM : CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB 16GB 3000Mhz Cooler : CORSAIR HYDRO H60 So here i still confused with...
  11. R

    Are these parts good enough for my first Pc build

    I am currently trying to build my first ever PC and I don't know if these are good parts to use. For this Pc I am trying to play games like overwatch and GTA 5. Are these parts good enough to run these games? ( im on a budget my max is 1,300) Thank you
  12. O

    Gtx 980 performing poorly?

    I have a gaming pc with a gtx 980 and a i5 4460 cpu, i run most games on ultra 60 fps no problem, and i did the unigine heaven benchmark, and my score as spected, a bit below other machines with a better cpu, but my concern last couple of months has been, why does the gpu performs not so good...
  13. Rafael Mestdag

    I know I can turn ram into a sort of temporary ssd, but can I go the other way around?

    I mean, I've got a 240GB ssd, is there a way to turn some of it into ram somehow? If so, how do I do it? Is it worth it? thx in advance!
  14. E

    Asus Z270-A Prime with NVidia 1060 and ATI RX480

    Is it possible to have both GPU´s working simultaneously, NVidia for mining, daily tasks + gaming, ATI exclusively for mining? Doubt solved, it works fine. Please close the thread.
  15. J

    CPU temperature question

    Hi, 2-3 days ago I noticed that I was started to get unwanted lag spikes while gaming. I thought it was short temporary and didn't bother to look into it. Now, a few days later it still haven't vanished, so I opened hardware monitor in to see if the spikes was caused by overheated...
  16. T

    My PC doesn't turn off when i shut it down

    When I turn off my PC the display and peripherals turn off but my pc appears to still be on, except the case & cpu fans ramp up to 100% and the only way to stop this is to unplug my PC. I have cleared the cmos and set bios to default, checked my power plan/ options but am not really sure what...
  17. A

    750GB inaccessible space on HD

    I just built my pc yesterday and I'm encountering little problems here and there. I've got one that I can't figure out here. My hard drive has about 750 inaccessible GBs. It's a 3TB drive and my storage says 2 TB available. I'm not sure how to work around this, as I cannot select new simple...
  18. L

    Logitech LX7 mouse middle click not working

    I have Logitech LX7 mouse(I know its bad, but i dont want to buy new one). But when I press middle click(scroll wheel) it just opens windows task view It is very annoying especialy in gaming.
  19. B

    DVI Input Disconnects Randomly and CPU fans go crazy.

    Outside of a game, everything is running smoothly as expected. Depending on the game, in between 5-15 minutes my DVI Input becomes disconnected from the GPU, making my monitor turn off, and seemingly all the fans in my case go much faster. When this does happen, I can still hear all desktop...
  20. C

    my keyboard does not work but the on screen keyboard does

    im using the osk right now. ok so my keyboard on my laptop does not work. at some rare occassions my caps lock turns on when i press it and i press it again it stays on. this happens with some letters too. help plz