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  1. A

    Question Amd to Intel- Help with moving

    I need to upgrade my 3700x/B450 combo to 13900K/B760. The PROBLEM is that I've got +300 games installed and +200 programs, 50% of which are essential for my work and have config files/templates/presets which would take months to track, something that I don't have. Reinstalling all the games and...
  2. Dave_mercury89

    [SOLVED] Question about drives and reinstalling Windows

    Hello! I'm thinking in upgrading my Motherboard, CPU and Ram. I work in music production so I have several drives to store and stream virtual instruments (which are quite heavy). I have one 250GB SSD for Windows and applications and two 1TB SSD's along with a 2TB HDD. My question is: if I get a...
  3. D

    Question Reinstalling windows OS in my SSD / help

    So I wanted to reinstall windows in my SSD i just bought to change the version to Windows pro and I did but i don't know if did it correctly my ssd doesn't feel as fast as before Here I'll post some captures of what disk manager looks like and my SMART from CrystalDisk: CrystalDisk: View...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] reinstall windows

    hey guys, long story short i'm swapping my old hp motherboard with an MSI (I've checked everything it fits perfectly and its compatible) now i know i have to reinstall windows but how do i do it, I've backed up my data, i have the windows key.