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Page 7 - Forum discussion tagged with repair.
  1. W

    Does this work to make fans quieter or should i order complete new fans?

    The question is above. I have H80i from Corsair but the fans are like a fighter jet, is this a possible solution?
  2. J

    Ethernet vs WiFi

    He - sorry, I'm a total newbie so this question is going to sound silly. I recently got a new high-powered gaming PC and it came with a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller, which I understand is for Ethernet. Problem is, my router is in the next room and I can't hardwire the computer all the way...
  3. J

    Asus z170-k starts with orange light

    So i recently purchased an asus z170-k mother board, and the i5 6600k and 2x8 ddr4 corsair ram to go along with it. The problem is after compiling and installing all the parts, my gpu lights light up, case lights turn on, and fans turn on, but there is an orange light that is pulsing from the...
  4. D

    i7 6700k Low Single Thread Results!

    Hello, I recently did a benchmark for my CPU with CPU-Z and I compared my results to the same CPU I have. - My Processor - 1999 (98%) - Reference - 2031 (100%) Why is that, are the results of "Reference" overclocked?
  5. C

    How many FPS? (Without any overclocking)

    CPU: Intel Core i3-6100.......................................................($120 @newegg) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master DP6-9EDSA-0L-GP..................($15 @newegg) Mobo: ASRock H110M-HDS...............................................($50 @newegg) RAM: Avexir Core Series...
  6. F

    Bios problemE PLZ HELP ME

    ther is a f button and c button on my case, i pressed them by curiossity and what happen is that the pc restarted and open up the bios but blank, a blank bios, the after a couple seconds the pc restarted again into the bios blank again . plz help me its a brand new custom pc was working fine...
  7. V

    How to reset bios my pc is not booting up. It blinks when i turn it on . But when it start is does not boot up

    Last night i have shutdown my pc properly but today morning it is not booting up . I have changed the slot of ram but the problam exist . Fan is running but pc is not booting up
  8. S

    i5-6600k frame drop

    i have a i5-6600k 16gb ram GTX 1070 and whenever i play any game i keep getting frame drops i had 3 different gpus GTX 750ti GTX 970 GTX1070 While i had my i5-6600k i have a 1080p 144hz monitor tho i didnt have the drops with my 60hz monitor
  9. C

    gtx 970 or 1060

    Which one should I buy they're about the same price Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 WF 3X OC 4GB or EVGA GeForce GTX1060 SC 6GB
  10. P

    Looking for a 400$ budget pc

    I need to find a 400$ pc that will run games like GTAV, Fallout, And the witcher 3 at decent quality and decent fps. Any help?
  11. Thepigdude

    Can the NZXT Kraken x61 use two 120mm fans instead of 140mm?

    So I plan on using this cooler but I have heard that the fans are VERY loud and I am going for a quiter build, so I was planning on using 2 Noctua 120mm nf-f12 fans instead of the stock fans. Would this work?
  12. Z

    Should i sell homebuilt pc's?

    Ok so i was recently turned down for a job of dog walking (£5 per hour of dog walking 1 hour a day)... This job would of funded for my pc and more... I have been waiting for ages yet only one person has responded about my dog walking advert and they turned the job down. The other day my friend...
  13. S

    External Hard Drive doesn't even show up as a drive

    I have a seagate 3tb external hard drive. My daughter got a hold of it and broke the piece that converts the sata to a usb. I took the hard drive out of the case and am using a converter. I know the converter is not the problem because I have used it on other hard drives. At first windows...
  14. K

    AsRock Z77e-ITX does not start,

    Have an ASRock Z77e-ITX mobo that does not start at all. No fans spinning or diodes that light. Only "sign of life" is that the CPU fan spins slowly on performing paperclip method. Has been tested with the following: * I5-2500k & i5-3570k (Fully functional in another system) * 1st Corsair...
  15. M

    I have two NICs for window server 2008R2 one for connecting to the public network and the second one for filtering the website

    Hi guys I am fro Ethiopia I am using Win server 2008 R2 for filtering unnecessary websites at work time. I used two NICs 1 for connecting to the public internet and the other connecting to the switch from where the other PCs are interconnected. I configured the IP for NIC 1...
  16. T

    What are these gray splotches on my monitor?

    I just got a Predator XB1 (refurb / scratch & dent) and noticed these two gray splotches. http://imgur.com/8fkdrSj They don't appear to be dead pixels. Anyone know what they are or if there's some way of fixing them?
  17. S

    At a crossroad?

    Hello everybody, Long time lurker, first time poster! I am trying to determine if my system has bottlenecks and what components are causing them. Being that I am a novice PC builder--the system in question being my first build--I would appreciate any advice or critique of my computer. I've...
  18. J

    High-Pitched Speaker Noise Just At (re)Boot

    Hi My system is a Windows 10, 64bit. I have Bose Companion 5 computer speakers attached to it through a USB connection. The speakers sound great, good as new, however, they're probably 10 years old. The only problem I'm having, is when I reboot the computer, and it's in the BIOS screen phase...
  19. R

    good cpu for minecraft and csgo

    I need a cpu that performs better then the fx 8350 but not to overkill like the i5 4460 price range is about 200-220 cad
  20. E

    What wattage should my PSU be?

    I have been having trouble with my rig switching off on its own randomly, thought it was the RAM so replaced and set everything to default, it was fine for 3 days and same thing happening again, I currently have a 1000W PSU My RIG consists of the following 4 x Intel 730 480GB SSD in RAID0 1...