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Page 8 - Forum discussion tagged with repair.
  1. K

    RE: Zotac GTX 980 TI Overheating (thermal paste overkill was the problem)

    Just wanted to share with the forum that I had issues with my graphics card playing World of Warcraft. For awhile i thought it was the graphics drivers from NVIDIA, but finally i decided to pull the card and check the GPU. It was smothered with thermal grease all overflowing like someone put a...
  2. M

    Games having very good FPS but Stutter

    I play Cs:Go, a lot, its pretty much the only game I play. I have an Intel i7-5930K Clocked at 3.50GHz but for some reason it is very unstable while playing the game causing fps lag witch in game is very bad. The cooling is fine the temp doesnt go above unsafe levels and I have no idea what the...
  3. How To Common PC troubleshooting steps

    This is really just a reference collection, since despite there being multitudes of threads containing all the steps you should really take when trouble starts, we get asked the same questions over and over again. I realize that won't change, but rather than repeat posting those steps every...
  4. X

    Good and semi cheap CPU Cooler

    Hey ! Can you people recommend me any good and semi cheap CPU coolers ? (I'm not in for liquid cooling tho it would be sweet) EDIT: A10-6800k 4.1GhZ (fm2)
  5. C

    i really need fix for this asap

    so im getting really pissed, my system will randomly alt-tab its self when in games and other programs, i have no clue what the cause of this is. i have done multiple scans for viruses and have used malwarebytes (which i hate that program) and my system is clean, im just getting really...
  6. W

    i need answers about crossfire

    ok right now i own a r9 280x sapphire an was wondering if i get the sapphire r9 390 would work with my old one or if i should just use the new one and if i can only use new one and if there is a better one then the 390 for at most 350 taxes included that would be great
  7. E

    Looking for comments/suggestions to improve build

    This will be my first PC build. Looking for any suggestions on parts to change/replace/add to improve the price and performance. The objective is a work/gaming computer which can: ■easily handle running multiple heavy applications (heaviest most likely being photoshop) ■streaming ■multiple VMs...
  8. U

    Is it me, or do Samsung devices suck

    I know this isn't computer hardware, but anyway. Every Samsung device I've owned, except the SSD in my PC has had a problem or broke/died really quickly. P2 (MP3 player): Jack socket failed and became really loose Samsung Tocco Lite: Screen lost calibration within about 24 months of getting it...
  9. B

    Worth Using Old ATi 'All in Wonder' Rage 128 to Archive VHS?

    After digging around online expecting to find decent, dirt cheap TV tuner/capture cards for under 20 bucks, and being put off by reviews, I wondered if it would be worth the effort to ressurect an old machine and put Win 98SE on there so I could use my ancient ATi All in Wonder Rage 128 PCI card...
  10. discoslice

    Updated BIOS/now Sleep turns my computer off

    Have a MSI Gaming Z97 ver 5 motherboard. Updated a lot of stuff, including the BIOS, and other MSI programs. Now, after an hour, instead of going to sleep - my computer turns off. WTF. I can't find a setting that's doing this. It's not in Windows 10 power options. Help!
  11. X

    New Computer Build, Looking for Critique

    Hello Everyone, I have build my last 4 computers and it is time to upgrade again. I have had great success with the feedback from this community, so I am looking for critique/suggestions to my build. Here it is: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/rPYZbv I am looking to stay between $2500-$3000...
  12. D

    Looking for a good Webcam for Windows 7

    I am looking for a good webcam with at least 720p. image quality and won't break easy. Any suggestions?
  13. R

    64 bit or 32????

    i am going to build a new pc soon, it will be my first desktop build so im new to this. im going buy windows 10 as my operating system, do i have to specifically buy 32 or 64 bit depending on a certain component or something? or can i just choose which one?
  14. J

    r9 290 gpu on 3 monitors?

    I'm building my first PC soon, mostly for gaming at 1080p. I've got an asus directcu ii oc r9 290 gpu which should be able to do that comfortably. But I'm thinking of buying two more monitors for racing games. I was wondering if I ran the games at 720p would the r9 290 be able to keep up?
  15. R

    Trident X 2400 16GB good for this build?

    Decided to put my impatience aside and save up for a build with a little more punch. [PCPartPicker part list](http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hrGPkL) / [Price breakdown by merchant](http://pcpartpicker.com/p/hrGPkL/by_merchant/) **CPU** | [\*Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core...
  16. M

    tomshardware website viewing issues

    how come I keep having issues viewing tomshardware pages. I can read one page for 5 min and then click to go to next page and it blocks the page saying make sure cookies and java are enabled. I get this on my pc and on my iphone even with the iphone not connected though wifi. something is ser f...
  17. woodson75

    Asus Z97M-PLUS vs. Asus H97M-PLUS

    Are there any particular pluses of one of these over the other? Price-wise there's not much in it (at least not in New Zealand). Is one significantly better than the other? Thanks for any advice. :)
  18. Turb0Yoda

    Laptop under 500USD

    LAPTOP: Approximate Purchase Date: In the next 2-3 months Budget Range: 500 USD System Usage from Most to Least Important: Programming(Java,C++,Python, Visual Basic), Schoolwork(word, web), Video Editing, Light gaming(tf2, LoL if I get into it... Any AAA titles would be a huge bonus)...
  19. S

    What games are you playing with your killer rigs?

    Hey guys, in the last year I caught up on all the good games that interested me and were released in the last 5-6 years I've come to the point where there isn't much else to play, and I know that there are people with 2-10k PCs, and it had me wondering, what games are you guys playing?
  20. M

    i7-860 2.8Ghz and GTX 670 4Gb SLI update

    So I'd like to update but don't know what to update next. I do my research and I know that my CPU is not bottlenecking my GPUs. So if I'll chouse to update GPU the only way is go for 970 but only SLI because single 970 still not enough to beat 670 SLI. I don't want to buy 980 because of lower...