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Page 9 - Forum discussion tagged with repair.
  1. B

    Trying to overclock Quad-Core Q9400

    Hi everyone, i never overclocked CPUs, so i'm a beginner. Let's start, my specs are not much of good, but i'm slowly building it: Core 2 Quad Q9400 Gigabyte-G41 2x Some Cheap DDR3 2GB Have some chinese cooler called "Deep-Cool". It was most expensive among them, i think it's fine ) Gigabyte...
  2. I

    2 SSD and 1 HDD?

    I currently have 1 Samsung 850 EVO to run my operating system and some other files. I bought another Crucial MX100 512gb SSD mainly for games. I then recently bought a WD Blue 1TB hdd for pretty cheap mainly to use for photos and music. How would I go about installing and configuring this...
  3. FreshPineApples

    Screen will randomly go black

    My monitor will go black during youtube videos and then a weird noise comes from my speakers that sounds like a crappy dubstep song followed by my computer restarting. I do have a psu that has a coil whine could this be causing the problem?