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  1. P

    Question PC Freezes Intermittently Takes Too Long To Boot

    Hey guys So this has been going on for a few months now. My PC would randomly start stuttering eventually leading to a full freeze. The only way out is to reset the PC. At that time, I have noticed that the system takes forever to get past the POST screen and the Starting Windows screen. All...
  2. P

    Question Monitor only works if i replug it with the power outlet off

    Monitor won't get past ASUS logo. It works until that, then black screen with the mouse still working. Formatted, ran CHKDSK /f /r, changed all cables, bought a new monitor. Still happens. It only works if I shut everything down and replug the Display Port cable. THEN turn the PC/monitor ON...
  3. 8

    Question Monitor shuts off itself after 5 mins and can't switch on again unless replug the power cable

    Hello, The monitor is a Dell U3011 and as the title says, already tried with a new power cable and performed a factory reset but the issue still persists. However no other problem found, the video output is working flawlessly, is there anything I can try before getting a replacement? Thanks for...
  4. Demosthenest

    R9 290 making CPU overheat

    This are my specs: i5 2300 r9 290 gigabyte 3x windforce Define r4 1 140mm intake fan in the front 1 120mm exhaust in the rear Cooler master 212 evo Idle temps are fine (35-40 degrees CPU, 50 degrees gpu) but when I'm playing some games it all gets pretty noisy fairly quickly and the gpu rises up...
  5. J

    liquid cooling help, please!

    what are the best fans to go on a radiator of a liquid cooler? it is a 360mm rad, any suggestions would be great thankyou!!