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  1. Fatpcsnat

    Question Asus GL752V Resale Price?

    I need help with some approximating a good and fair value for me to sell my old Asus ROG GL752V. The only problems with the computer is a small nick in the screen that is barely noticable while playing, and a slightly unresponsive C key. If you need any more information about it please ask me...
  2. G

    Switching my motherboard

    Hello , i just bought a new motherboard and want to know before i do the switch if i have to uninstall driver or anything else . My old MB is a msi b150i gaming pro and i will switch to a Asus prime z270-a. Thanks for the help guys !
  3. LegendaryLeader

    HELP! Cannot Remove Adware!

    Hello, so a while back my computer happened to get adware (can't remember what I downloaded) and I have had extreme difficulty removing it. At the moment, the adware I have is DynamicPricer (as far as I know). These are the steps I have taken so far to remove this adware, but none of them have...