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  1. Fatpcsnat

    Question Asus GL752V Resale Price?

    I need help with some approximating a good and fair value for me to sell my old Asus ROG GL752V. The only problems with the computer is a small nick in the screen that is barely noticable while playing, and a slightly unresponsive C key. If you need any more information about it please ask me...
  2. D

    Weird Audio Issues In Some Games

    Hey guys, so I'm having a few audio issues when playing some games. Thankfully it's only happening on a few games but its annoying. So on games like Star Wars Battlefront and COD BO3 whatever character your being the audio is odd for. So on Star Wars Battlefront, whatever character you're...
  3. J

    Best Gaming Headphones (Not headset)

    I have been looking to upgrade my sound quality for my gaming. I have been doing some research and found that I need to look for headphones and not a gaming headset which is fine because I was going to buy a standalone mic anyways. After my research I picked what I think will work for what I...
  4. MystoPigz

    Samsung 850 EVO Will Not Clone

    I recently bought a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD for my 1TB (190GB used) hard drive to migrate to. I plugged in the power and SATA cables and the BIOS recognizes the SSD. I used Samsung's Migration Software to start cloning. After the cloning process was done, the application shut down by itself...