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    [SOLVED] Hardware Reserved

    Ive had this computer for about 2 years built it on the cheap and don't have much to any money right now so im looking for a fix. I recently turned on my computer to find that 8gb of my ram has been hardware reserved. I tried ms config and unchecked max ram then restarted that didnt work...
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    Cleaned out my computer and now my Wifi, as well as other things, have stopped working

    After I did a good clean out of the inside of my computer case a lot of things have stopped working. My Wifi has stopped working with or without WiFi WLAN card as well as with the LAN cable and it will randomly lock up sometimes too... With no response from my mouse and keyboard... and I also...
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    Motherboard and fan

    What motherboard can support the fans for my vivo mid tower atx gaming case ?