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    Question After enabling SecureBoot and resetting FactoryKeys(PK), PC turns on, but Peripherals are not working

    Valorant requested TCP 2.0 and Secure Boot Enabled after I recently switched to Windows 11. I followed this video (Guide) until ~1:35, then I pressed Save&Exit. After that my PC turns on, but non of the peripherals are working. All the fans and LED inside my PC work perfectly while mouse...
  2. T

    Question Cannot OC my RAMs (2133MHZ to 2933 or 3000MHZ)

    Hi, when I try to enable XMP1 from my BIOS, the computer boots up... after 5-10-15-20 minutes, I either get a freeze or blue screen of death, then my PC restarts 3 times (I think it's three times) then I get a black screen, I shut down my PC from the power button, they I start it again, all...
  3. G

    Question I need help please

    Hey everyone, this morning I enabled XMP - then I restarted my pc and Just it Just dont show any display anymore - neither recognizes my keyboard and mouse. I've tryed to reset bios but nothing worked so far. Could anybody help me, please? Motherboard: gigabyte a320m s2h.
  4. E

    Question Reset BIOS Password

    Hello good people! I've got this second hand system I purchased in December 2020 which have been working fine. I bought it for my GF who play some games lightly. Now though, after replacing the RAM, I'd like to configure this in the BIOS, but I'm prompted for a BIOS password. Seller don't...
  5. Frostypants

    Question Pc very slow after factory reset

    Specs: AMD fx 8350 4ghz Msi 970 gaming ddr3 16gb 1600mhz figured I would do some over clocking to my cpu and ram to increase performance, oc fails and I reset my cmos. After this every time I play a game I get a system service exception bsod, so I clear my hard drive and reinstall windows. Pc...
  6. DΛN080603

    [SOLVED] BIOS Reset with battery

    Specs: MB: ASUS PRIME B360M-A CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F @ 2.90GHz RAM: Kingston HyperX Predator 8GB GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 OC 2G I Have a problem with my motherboard, bios reset with battery, and appear this message everytime i shut dowm my PSU. American Megatrends logo PC Info...
  7. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Difference Between Clearing CMOS Through Battery Removal vs. Loading Optimized Defaults within the BIOS?

    Good day, What is the difference between resetting the motherboard's BIOS through physical resetting through the removal of the CMOS battery vs. just loading the optimized defaults through the BIOS itself. Did some research and what most people say is that they're basically the same. But isn't...
  8. F

    Question Asus Tuf F15 FX506LI

    Hello, Does anyone know how can i reset bios on Asus laptup? There isnt any CMOS battery and i couldnt found jumper. Disconnecting main battery doesnt help me to reset bios settings. Thanks for any help.
  9. N

    [SOLVED] HELP !! Temps & Freq. High after running ThrottleStop on Core2Quad 8200 @ 2.33 Ghz.

    Greetings Everyone, I wanted to overclock my Core2Quad Q8200 2.33 Ghz so I downloaded a standalone installer of ThrottleStop from TechPowerUP. Couldn't really figure out what to do so I clicked on some "+" buttons & then "-" buttons to undo changes but never clicked on "Turn ON" or "Save"...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] BIOS Settings reset every time I startup my PC.

    Everytime I boot my PC up (not restarting) the BIOS seems to reset and I have to manually enable my XMP for my ram and also makes the boot time alot longer making the SSD useless. This has been happening for about two months, the problem seemHeled to come out of nowhere. Here are my specs: CPU...
  11. L

    [SOLVED] TPM clearing issues, Please help, I’m clueless.

    I recently ordered parts to build a new pc, so I was planning on selling my current one to a friend. However, upon reseting the pc and then restarting it, I ran into an issue with “TPM” - Whatever that is. When the pc is booting up after a restart or powering on, the first screen you see after...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] PC resets repeatedly after power on

    Hi guys, I assembled a new computer with this specifications: Mainboard Asus h310mk, CPU Core i3 8100, ... (i think other specification not relevant to my problem). I install Windows 10 by a bootable USB disk, everything was ok until I install mainboard's driver using it's DVD. after installing...
  13. S

    Question Overclocking Ryzen apu and wont boot

    Hi, i recently bought the new Ryzen 5 3400g Apu with a asus tuf motherboard, and first problem was that the mobo was outdated and it didnt boot the first time. so i took it to a computer shop to swap an older ryzen gen apu and update the Bios for the 3rd gen. it worked for the past few days...
  14. A

    Question CPU runs at higher base speed after i stopped OVERCLOCKING

    Maximus x Hero (wifi) i7 8700k 3.7ghz (liquid cooling) 16gb vengeance LPX 3000hz c15 960 m.2 ssd gtx 1070 750W Gold+ So i've been overclocking my system @ 5ghz w/ AVX target @ 4.8ghz (stable under stress tests temp at 90-95c under load) and it crashes when i play my games. so i load default...
  15. A

    Question Gigabyte Motherboard Issue

    I have recently brought back to life my Gigabyte PC back from the dead and I’ve been updating the BIOS and every time I seem to make a change, update the BIOS or anything that includes going into the BIOS my machine seems to just shut down and restart again which at this point it boots fine...