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  1. L

    Question 12v to power 3v LEDs

    Hi, I want to use those 2 pronged 3v leds in my car, however I have trouble understanding how to choose a right resistor, and also I am worried that resistor will get very hot and make a much higher power consumption. So it would help a lot if anyone can spare a little time and explain this to...
  2. D

    Question How can I get my moterboard fixed? I ripped off some components out of it.

    Hello everyone, I got this issue (most probably) while fitting the video card in mi motherboard, a Gigabyte 990FXA UD3. I ripped off 1 resistor and 2 capacitors out of it. I already know I can buy the 2 capacitors and have a professional sold them back. What I dont know is if it would be...
  3. Question MSI 870A-G54 and the SB850

    Salute More than a year ago I moved my PC's case and then it turned off. Later I remeber it booted once again and finnaly turned off. Since that happened it haven't booted properly just gives power to fans and leds no beep code signals, no response. I deconstructed the whole system and...
  4. E

    My gt 710 dont have signal and the resistors are heating(solved)

    i have a gt 710 and a gt 1030 i changed my gt 710 with the gt 1030 and i need to do something with the gt 710 and now it didnt work (It has no signal and te resistors on the back are HEATING so much) please i need help now (i am spanish and my english is not so good) PD: the system do a beep(it...
  5. T

    1060 Mobo Compatablility

    I was wondering if my MSI Z97 PC MATE mobo has what is needed to be able to support the new upcoming GTX 1060. Sorry if it's a dumb question but I'm looking to buy it so I gotta know. Thanks!
  6. Notrix

    Ubisoft... Hope this teach you a lesson

    Yes! Right i am talking about unity! They were wrong about there system requirements. We need even more to run this game on even 50+ fps This game ha been declared as the "worst Assassins Creed game ever" I am highly surprised! Have'nt they got there game tested? Did'nt they run the game...
  7. book_of_eli

    New Pc Build Advice ($900)

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new gaming pc ill also be using it for 3d modeling here's my part make up so far i would love to hear any advice you have and i'll be playing indie games and also battlefield. ,Thank You