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    Question PC intermittently suddenly runs slow for about a 1minute, then freezes

    Specs: CPU: 3800x (rog ryujin i 360) MOBO: Crosshair VIII Hero PSU: RM750 (Corsair) RAM/Memory: 4x 16GB G-SKILL Trident Z Neo 3600Mhz (F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC) Storage: Samsung 980 PRO 1 TB, ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro, 2x Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB GPU: 3070TI R Case: NZXT H710i Fans: 1x Noctua...
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    Question Network activity pasting picture on a website

    Hello everyone When I replied in a thread on another forum (Hardwareonline), I used the “Paste” function (I use Google Chrome). To my surprise, text was not pasted, but instead a picture that I had copied earlier from Gimp was pasted in the comment field. The picture was shown in the comment...
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    Question memory leak not showing up in task manager or resource monitor

    Hi! I have a big problem. My pc is experiencing some real big memory leaks. It does not really matter if im using a lot of ram allready or not. For some reason randomly my ram usage goes up to 100% and freezes the entire pc forcing me to restart it. I have tried to identify the culprit but...