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  1. Codis1789

    [SOLVED] HDD usage at 75% - 100% at random

    I recently built a new budget PC for myself, and it's been working perfectly until about 2 days ago. I started noticing fps drops in games that ran smoothly, so I turned the settings down, but still had the fps drops. Checked my temps, and they were all normal for the CPU and GPU. Started one...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Minimize resources usage during the night?

    When I normally use my computer, it's super loud and heats up the room like crazy. The case is too small and the cables too long to allow for proper cable management, not to mention all the components take up a lot of space on their own. Anyway, I'm wanting to leave my computer on during the...
  3. L

    [SOLVED] Something hogs cpu 50-100 %, not visible in Task Manager

    Windows 10 stutters to a halt, sound gets choppy, even mouse cursor moves with massive delay. Something keeps hogging the cpu and it doesn't show in task manager or proexp. Or rather they tell me cpu is being used 50-100 percent all the time, just not by what. Even when it's "only" 50 % used...
  4. O

    HP XW4600 is being weird - error 162

    mp hp xw4600 workstation (go ahead and laugh) is having bios problems. I tried to even put in any input whatsoever and it does not even work. every time I press F1 to reset the bios, it keeps not letting the keyboard make an input. also, it says that I "changed my system since your last boot,"...