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  1. R

    Question Help me to choosing best monitor!

    I am going to buy a monitor very soon, My target in competitive gaming, I choose 3 monitor 1 ips and 2 tn panel, in this which monitor should I choose in this 3 brand's - (im using nvidia gpu) LG 24 gn650-b or Asus vg258qr or Benq xl2411k I will use for competitive gaming, I need fast response...
  2. G

    Question Start menu slow to respond to keyboard

    I have to press the windows key 3-10 times for the start menu to open. Keyboard works fine(checked online ). The menu opens just fine when I click on it to open. The RUN function using WIN+R keys works everytime, but when taking screenshot WIN Key+Printscreen key ,shot is taken but earlier it...
  3. Skirtap

    [SOLVED] 1ms (gtg) 144hz TN vs 4ms (gtg) IPS Monitor

    I've been doing my research for quiet a bit, and the more I do it, the more confused I get. All videos, forums, and threads that I've seen are 3-5 years old. I'm a casual gamer who plays different kinds of game genres, looking to buy a new 144hz monitor. I've been trying to understand if...
  4. BurnOuut

    Question Gaming monitor recommandations i need help !

    I will buy a ryzen 3 3100 + gtx 1650 super..with practically the same config as a guy on youtube he gts around 200 fps in low settings on valorant (fps game)..i want a 144 hz or 165hz monitor, is g sync important in this case ? and what about gtg ? does 1ms instead of 4 ms make a difference ? i...
  5. Robiukas11

    Question LG 144hz display Response time option

    Hello, so i have LG 144hz monitor and theres option called "Response time" where u can choose from FAST/Normal/Slow and Off there is also tip saying ( Modify response time of video output depending on the movement of the content. When there is alot motion, set it to Fast) also i think on...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] converter (hdmi to vga) affects quality?

    i using simple hdmi to vga adaptor does this adaptor affect quality, resolution, response time ,refresh rate or anything else? my system specs: rx 580 dell-p-P2212H can using dvi-d help quality for gaming? Any help would be much appreciated...
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Asus tuf A15

    I want to know once and for all that if the statement "16ms response time translates to a theoretical maximum of a 60Hz "is true or not ,if true then 144hz refresh rate with 18ms (so it can't even reach 60hz)response time is useless so would I better off with a laptop having 60hz refresh rate...
  8. R

    Question 27" 1440p 144hz IPS Freesync vs 24" 1080p 144hz IPS Freesync

    I am building a PC with the below specs and i need suggestions in getting a perfect monitor for the below specs. I am looking for an IPS panel with Refresh rate more than 75Hz atleast. Below are the points that i already knew, More PPI means more sharpness. 27 inch 1440p PPI is more than 24...
  9. cererin

    [SOLVED] Getting used to 4 ms response time after years of 1 ms?

    For a few years I had been decently content with my 144hz 1ms TN monitor. It worked really well for gaming, but the image quality left something to be desired. However the poor colours bugged me for a while, and so recently I purchased the Acer EI272UR. As you can imagine, going from a 1080 24"...
  10. S

    Question Mouse Responsiveness

    Hello, I have been playing games on pc for a long time but since I began playing on a pc I began to notice an issue I have been having since I started playing that I just haven’t been able to fix. When I’m moving my mouse to aim especially while aiming down sights my mouse doesn’t seem as...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] what mechcanical keyboard should i buy

    i got a g402 Logitch Mouse and it have an amazing response time that beats my old k552 mechanical keyboard i decide to sell it and get more responsive keyboard so i am looking for a keyboard that matches my g402 response how can i tell that a specific keyboard would match my mouse response time...
  12. S

    Question What is 1ms VRB?

    so i found a good monitor and it says it has 1ms VRB (it's an ips monitor), what is 1ms VRB? what does it translate to in GTG?
  13. S


    so hey guys, how can you see my name, my english suck, sorry about it.. Right, my specs are: gtx1050 ti oc, i72600k, 8gb ddr3 hyperex, cooler master hyper t4 and h61m-hg4 asrock mobo. So i guess my monitor is causing tearing in my games... I can play basically any game on high fps, like, above...
  14. R

    Question Monitor "response time"

    Hello people, need help with adjusting my new LG 24GM79G-B. It has option called "response time" it goes from Fast/normal/slow to OFF. I`m mainly Cs:GO player- Professional, need option witch will give least input lag/ least MS :) Thanks!!! :)
  15. A

    Question Weighing two monitors

    I just finished upgrading my system to new specs after a year (just installed the gpu). I’m planning on upgrading my monitor, which I use primarily for gaming, but also quite a bit of photo and video editing. I am deciding between two monitors at the moment: Acer Predator XB271HU 1440p 144Hz g...
  16. H

    Open CD Rom

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop and am trying to open the CD Rom drive to install printer drivers. I have checked in My Computer and it shows the CD Rom drive but there's no physical button on the laptop or a 'open pin hole' to force it to open. Please help?
  17. A

    Maya 2017 Normal mapping gone horribly wrong

    So TL;DR I'm doing the FFR41-MR "Mave" for my modeling ii final. Ambitious, but I like it that way. After about 30-40 hours I'm finally happy with the model itself, then comes normal map baking etc before throwing it into quixel for texturing. And this is where the problems begin. The problem...
  18. S

    Windows 10 Insider Preview 15014 (rs_prerelease) - Error 0x80096004

    Windows 10 insider preview 15014 just would not download. Giving the above error. Error 0x80096004.
  19. Q

    HDMI or DVI?

    I'm guessing you get this a lot but I have an Asus 1080p 60Hz VP247h which only has 1 hdmi port to which my PS4 is connected and I recently bought a PC which is being assembled at the moment and I don't know if I should connect it to my monitor via DVI or even get an HDMI switch. I also don't...
  20. L

    New Router Best Settings and Advice please!

    Hi Guys! Purchased a ASUS RT66U AC Router and was wanting to know how I ensure my Xbox and Gaming rig is getting the fastest connection? I am planning to connect the router via cable to Xbox and Rig, within the Router setting is there any settings that ensure fastest and most reliable...
  21. R

    Choosing SSD for RAID 0

    Hi!! Im looking for a couple of SSD's for a Raid on my system, and these are my options: x2 SSD Samsung 850 EVO BASIC 250Gb x2 SSD Kingston 240Gb HyperX SAVAGE 560/530 x2 SSD SANDISK 240Gb Ultra II 520/550MBps Mostly its gonna be a Gaming PC, and OS will be installed on RAID, of course. What...
  22. I

    New Corsair vengence led ram compatible with asus maximus VIII extreme?

    1. As title says, I ordered asus maximus VIII extreme and the new vengence led ram is not on compatibility list (yet?) will it work? 2. Will I be able to have 5.1 sound with dts connect to my pioneer reciever in game(spdfi) ? Or will i have to use the soound card. I get some mixed answers on...
  23. P

    Vinyl Audio to Digital Project

    Inherited a sizeable jazz album collection and seek guidance on how best to get the content to digital form. Also, please advise if there is a general calculation on estimating audio content to digital footprint. Much thanks in advance for an informed reply
  24. T

    Is This Build Alright?

    Im a beginner with pc building, and was just wondering if this would run good with the games today, Overwatch, Black Ops III, Etc. This build is primarily trying to be priced at $500-$600.
  25. J

    2500k p8z67 digi+ vrm settings @4.2mhz 1,22v?

    So i have my 2500k with asus p8z67 currently running at 4.2mhz with 1,22v, because i dont need it to be faster. The thing is, when i did the overlcock i didnt know much about pcs, so i followed a step by step guide, and these are the values i used for the digi+ vrm settings: Load-line...
  26. CosmicCactus

    Vista Recovery Disc

    I understand windows vista is old but I need some reliable links where I can torrent a vista recovery disc. I need to repair a 0xc00000014 error and I'm gonna trying booting into repair mode because right now the computer cannot boot windows. Any help with the error or where I can find a link is...
  27. M

    How do I set up a network for my business?

    Hi, We have a two story building with a basement. I want to create a wireless internet connection in the building. I have so far wired internet in my main part of the building, also that same part of the building I have wireless but the signal is kind of weak. can you guys please advise on...
  28. G

    Motherboard for M.2 PCIe x4 compatibility with SLI

    I am looking at yielding my new gaming rig and want to put the Samsung XP841 M.2 ssd in at the fastest speeds to run my os. I will also likely run two GTX 970 or 980's in SLI. I was originally planning on using the ASRock Extreme 6 board, but learned today that this motherboard will not run...
  29. S

    what is the best gpu company

    i am buliding a new gaming pc and had chosen nvidia gtx 750 ti 2 gb gpu. i am confused between 3 cards of different companies (zotac ,msi and galaxy). which is my best choise in my case???? i had many zotac cards having problems after a couple of years??
  30. T

    Where are all programs in windows 8.1?

    for a simple example: notepad. I click the little down arrow on start screen and it supposedly has all the apps listed byname.. But no notepad. I know i can just type notepad on start, but is there a way for it to show all programs? thanks
  31. D

    Skyim low FPS GTX 770/i7 4930k

    Just went out and built a rig to run Skyrim perfectly with mods. I hand picked every part, I thought I would have a BA little computer. Maybe I'm messing up somewhere. Idk. Any advice is very welcome. i7 4930K 3.4Hz (liquid cooled) Asus Sabertooth X79 MB Gigabyte GTX 770 2gb OC 16 gb 1866...