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    Question PC Turning off and cpu overheating

    I bough in november i7 870 2.93 base and tturbo 3.6ghz, r9 380 4gb, 4x2gb 1333mhz and chieftec 400w psu, it ocverheats cuz i use Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 gt rev 2 and im thinking about buying Arctic Alpine 12 CO which is rated 100TDP. Now my pc MOST of the times turns off while im gaming to...
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    Question Laptop Restarts while gaming! No overheat issue.

    Hey! So recently my laptop has been restarting within 15-20 min of me playing game. So i did a lot of research and the basic troubleshoot that could be done. - I replaced the thermal paste with thermal grizzly kryonaut - Both fans new and internal cleaning. -Did intel burn and prime94 test...