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    Question PC turns on then turns off almost immediately.

    Specs: MB: MSI b450-a pro CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 RAM: 4x8gb g.skill ripjaw v GPU: Had 1650 but returned to seller because I thought that was the problem. PSU: RAIDMAX Cobra series 600W full modular SSD: WD black 250GB for windows HDD: WD blue 2TB Case: MSI Gungnir 100 I got a 1650 from newegg the...
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    Question Brand new laptop sometimes restarts instead of shutting down (Windows 10 Home x64)

    Hi there, I hope you can help! Especially after extensive use, my laptop (with a fresh install, up-to-date Windows 10 Home) will occasionally restart instead of shutting down after using the shutdown function in the start menu. So, despite saying that it's shutting down, it doesn't power down...
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    I7-7700k cpu and disk going up to 100% in tasks urgent!!!!

    So I recently upgraded my cpu from a i3-6100 to a i7-7700k on my B150M-A D3 motherboard. I upgraded to the latest version of the BIOS and bought some DDR3L 1.35V ram (because it’s the only compatible RAM with my cpu and motherboard) so everything should technically be okay. But the problem is...
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    [SOLVED] Computer runs for 15 seconds, then turns off.

    Installed a Ryzen 5 3600 cpu, and then turned on my computer. It turned on, cpu and case fans were working, video card had power, yet no display appeared on my monitor (hdmi was plugged in properly :P ). Additionally, my computer would turn off after running for 15-20 seconds, and would then...
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    Question periodic bluescreens and random restarts

    Hi, I'm not too tech savvy and recently I got a pc that someone else built and the guy that built it did a fresh install of windows 10 home before giving it to me. Since then it has encountered random bluescreens after booting up. At first I would get tons of random bluescreens after booting...
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    Question No connection after waking my PC or turning it on, requires restart

    Im having quite an annoying issue where when I put my PC in sleep mode, or when I shut it down, and then turn/wake my system back up, my connection will not work at all. The only fix I’ve found is to restart my computer, then it will work normally. I have a PCIE WiFi adapter and it is the...