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  1. bpaul180

    Question Windows 10 is shutting down but not restarting

    Hey guys, My computer is shutting down and rebooting no problem BUT! when I press restart ( from windows ) it gets stuck on a grey screen with the word restarting forever. I have tried many options that I found on here from previous threads; -UPDATE ALL DRIVERS AND WINDOWS -SAFE BOOT -RESET...
  2. Sparkaaxx

    [SOLVED] PC crash's first few times in the morning then fine for rest of the day

    The pc will freeze first few times I turn it on in the morning. I can normally log into windows for a few mins but sometimes it freezes when I'm typing in my windows 10 password. After a few restarts, the pc will run fine for the rest of the day on chrome, games and stress tests. Pc specs 2700x...
  3. Elisa75

    [SOLVED] Restart and updates loop freezes

    Hi, This is my problem : When I click on "restart" button or do an update, the shutdown screen freezes after about ~20 seconds and I must turn off my PC with the power button. And when I restart the PC, I have the Windows 10's logo and a boot loop (loading of the OS) which freezes after ~10...