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  1. DipperTheFolf

    Question My PC Keeps Restarting While Playing Games

    Hi. My PC keeps restarting by itself when I am in the middle of playing games. I've checked my GPU to see if it would be overheating and it runs at 70c or below the whole time. My PSU definitely has enough wattage to supply power to the whole system and more being an 850W PSU. The only solution...
  2. P

    Question Why do my games keep crashing?

    Pc Specs: Cpu: I7-8700k Motherboard: Aorus gaming 7 z370 Ram: 16gb DDR4 3200 T-Force Nighthawk GPU: GTX 1080 ti EVGA PSU: Thermaltake 80 plus gold 750w Display 4k UHD lg monitor, sorry I don't know the exact monitor name. I have updated the GPU drivers and Motherboard drivers. I play World of...
  3. NecrobyNerton

    Question My pc is restarting when doing intensive tasks

    Alright, I'm kind of new here so sorry if i didn't post this at the right category. And sorry if my english isn't top because it isn't my native language. I built the pc I'm using right now about 3 weeks ago or something and well I didn't have any problems at first but then my pc started kind...
  4. T

    Question Problem with motherboard (?)

    Built PC about 5 months ago, but it seems to have a problem. Sometimes when in the middle of gaming, my peripherals will shut off, and then turn back on in a couple seconds. This happens to all devices plugged into USB ports. I don't think it could be a power supply problem?? Can anyone help...
  5. L

    Question New PC I built keeps restarting upon waking from sleep mode after about an hour.

    Hi, I built my PC about a month or two ago. Everything has been working fine until this week. I only use my pc for gaming so I don't download anything except video games. The latest game I started playing this week was called Apex Legends. I also recently did a windows update maybe a 1 week ago...
  6. A

    Question Computer restarts infinitely when turning on. Yet sometimes randomly works.

    Hi, I've had this issue for years now but seems to be getting worse. Basically out of the blue one day my computer stopped turning on normally and begun this loop of booting, lasting anywhere from 2 to 20 seconds and then shutting down and repeating. The strange thing was that if i let it...
  7. Y

    Question Computer randomly restarting in gaming. Power supply issue?

    So I am having an issue where my PC will completely shut off instantly and restart a second later. It has happened 3 times in the last hour playing Battlefield V and only seems to happen in games. Specs: Ryzen 5 1600 GTX 1070 Ti 16GB ram PSU is an XFX XTR 650w. I have a feeling it may be a...
  8. R

    Question PC keeps cycling on and off. I've run out of ideas. Do you have any?

    Hi fellas. So I've got this PC that keeps cycling on and off, every time I turn it on. I've tried reseating the RAM in all possible combinations (and tried just one at a time), cleared CMOS and now after buying a new PSU, tried that one on for size. It's still cycling. Do you have any ideas...
  9. Schorpion

    Question CPU temperatures high after reapplying thermal paste artic mx-4

    Hello, so I have the following specs Intel i5 6500 4mb cache 3.20ghz up to 3.60 H110m gigabyte ultra durable motherboard 16gb ram 680w psu Amd RX 480 8gb vram Its a barely 3 year old pc, so I decided to finally open it up and clean dust( for my suprise there werent any almost) amd to...
  10. J

    Question Windows 10 setup keeps restarting

    I recent installed an old windows 10 disk on my pc and every time I get to the language and time setup it loads and then restarts my computer. Any help is appreciated because I can’t afford to take it to a repair place
  11. M

    How do i find my windows product key?

    Well i build my first pc and installed windows on it. I found out i needed my product key to activate windows but I do not know how to get it.
  12. J

    Computer crashed, does not detect GPU anymore

    So I was playing fortnite and both monitors go black, I hear a buzzing noise, and i have to restart my pc. It turns on but doesn't show up on monitors. I plug one of my monitors into my iGpu for my 6700k and was able to access bios and windows no problem. I'm even typing this message from this...
  13. J

    Acer E5-551 wireless problem

    Hi, my Acer E5-551 has recently started freezing and crashing due to wireless connection loss. A little Red Cross appears over the wireless icon and it freezes and eventually restarts. I can sometimes manage to fn/f3 so flight mode turns on and I can use the laptop fine but when I check the...
  14. U

    2 1gb ram dual channel with 1 2gb of ram

    The title says it all. Will that work, or should I get another 2gb of ram? But I don't really need 6gb of ram. I play games on this PC, it's got an Asus p5b with a dual core clocked at 2.33ghz and an Nvidia gtx 650 ti. It's actually not that bad, it runs most games well, it's just the lack of...
  15. H

    How Long Will This Be Relevent?

    Building my first PC and 1 favor please don't correct it if its crap. PC:
  16. Crypto6

    Updating Windows 10 to the latest version 1607 causes black screen and no cursor

    If I am on an older version of Windows 10- I can run it no problem. But as soon as I update to the latest version, during the middle of the installation process- the installation will just go black and will stay that way until I shut my computer off and turn it back on- no cursor, no nothing-...
  17. yassa123

    Cryorig h7 problem

    So when i installed the cryorig h7 1 screw on the mobo didn't allign the hole on the Cryorig h7's xbar when i got 3 in place one wasn't in the hole but when i screwed the 3 others the cooler came down and then i could screw the fourth screw? But i'm scared to actually run my pc. Yesterday i let...
  18. B

    My gpu is running at 4x is that normal

    I have a hp p6 2100 I recently installed a gt 710 gpu and it's running at 4x is there anything I can do to change that or is it normal
  19. B

    2 monitors on 2 gpus ?

    hello, i have an intel i5 6400 cpu, a dedicated gpu and a 2 monitors setup. Can i run one monitor on the integrated gpu and the other on the dedicated one ? If so, how? I need this because one of the monitors only works on the dedicated gpu, but as the gpu is very weak I cannot play games on it...
  20. Z

    Seasonic S12 II 500W with i3 6100/i5 6600?

    I don't know much about CPU-PSU compatibility. I've read how some PSUs weren't "Haswell ready". Can I use this PSU for my skylake build?