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  1. tommy13434

    Question PC is rebooting over and over

    So I have a PC that I built 6 or so months ago that has been working fine until recently. It has been rebooting over and over again (I can access BIOS with no restarts though). So I have been through most of the troubleshooting tips: 1. I first tried to do the Windows way where you turn off...

    Question Pc freezes or restarts itself while playing game.

    I’ve had this problem recently where while I’m playing Fortnite my pc freezes where I can’t do anything and I have to hold the power button for it to restart, or it restarts itself randomly while I’m playing. I’ve tried reinstalling the gpu drivers and the game. But the problem is still there...
  3. Premdon009

    Question My pc restarts suddenly without any error message

    I am new to this forum site My pc restarts suddenly once or twice a day without any error msg if go and checked window event viewer it show "Kernel-Power" as critical. Can u give any suggestions My PC Configuration AMD FX-8350 Asus M5A97 2.0 Corsair 8 GB ram GIGABYTE GeForce GT 1030 Low...
  4. Colosseb

    Question PC freezes then restarts multiples times per day

    So, this has been happening for quite a while, but a week ago it started becoming more and more frequent. When I launch a resource intensive game such as Rust or GTA 5, everything runs as normal, but after a random time period (for me, 5 to 30 minutes), the whole PC (both screens) freeze, all...