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  1. F

    Question PC restarts under heavy load with new PSU

    I've been having issues with seemingly random restarts, but I've been able to get consistency in them from stressing the CPU for too long, or stresssing the PSU for like 5 seconds. Everything on Google pointed to PSU issues, so I got a new one, but the problem persists. Specs: Intel i5-4690K...
  2. J

    [SOLVED] Could my power supply be causing server restarts?

    My server has been periodically restarting for a while now and always 20 mins after the hour. I initially suspected a memory leak due to some strange behaviors but I'm not sure that's the case anymore. System specs: Windows server 2016 essentials Intel Xeon 1230 V5 Windows server essentials...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Periodic Server Restarts, RAM Filling with Cached Files

    Our small business server running windows server 2016 Essentials has been periodically crashing about once a day. It could happen three or four times a day, could go a week without crashing but it averages about once a day. System specs: Intel Xeon 1230 V5 Windows server essentials 2016 16 gigs...
  4. NvSmithyx

    Question Computer restarts on big games

    Hi, first of all thanks for dropping in and reading my problem. I really do appreciate it as his has been a problem of mine for a while now. I built a PC myself around 7 years ago and since then it’s been fine. About a year ago my PC came into some trouble with it restarting when playing major...
  5. J

    $2000 to build a gaming PC

    So I had a horribly bad experience with ibuypower trying to do a custom build which has lead me to decide I should just build my own pc from the ground up. I primarily play League of Legends which I know isn't terribly taxing, however I want to buy something that will go above and beyond that...