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  1. D

    Question I want to restore one image of two drives to one drive

    I have a backup in Paragon Hard Disk Manager 16.5 Advanced. The single image includes two drives. I want to restore the images to one drive on another PC. When I'm done, I want Windows from the one drive and apps from the other drive from the one image to live on the one drive on the other PC...
  2. Y

    Question No apps will open on laptop/system restore failed

    Having an issue right now in which randomly I was using my laptop and I realised Spotify wasn't opening. I had other applications open at this point and they were working fine. I did a restart and then once I did I am unable to open most applications (Steam, Discord, Spotify), they do not even...
  3. A

    Question MSI B560M-A Pro - Restore Default Settings = POST Failure Requiring Manual CMOS Reset

    2 days ago I had to restore the UEFI's default settings, and to my surprise, the mobo simply refused to POST. DRAM led was solid amber. I thought I had killed the motherboard or possibly even the processor's IMC. The machine would start, hang during DRAM check, shut down, then start and hang...
  4. M

    [SOLVED] All My Passwords Are Hacked

    Hey all, I got all of my passwords in google chrome hacked. So I changed them and removed all of them from chrome. Thing is people still try to access my accounts. I even closed my laptop and updated my passwords from my iPhone and I didn't save them and somehow they still have access to my new...
  5. D

    [SOLVED] How to clone OS drive to bootable external hard drive for install on new SSD?

    Basically, I want to copy my C drive (128g M.2 SSD) which has my Windows OS, other files, etc. to my external USB hard drive and then restore that onto a new larger 1tb M.2 SSD I recently purchased. My motherboard only has one M.2 slot, I assume I could just copy my C drive (OS) to external...
  6. B

    Question Windows 10 restarts instead of sleep/hibernate

    So I accidently deleted some files form my C drive that allowed Windows 10 to sleep/hibernate, now it just restarts. I have Easeus free version and the files that were deleted seem to be boot.sdi, reagent.xml and winre.wim - if those have nothing to do with it, let me know Bascially, I'm just...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Restore files from ssd

    Hello there, I fromated and install Windows OS accintently in my external ssd that I used to run apps like android studio causing to lose important projects.Is there anyway to restore this files back? Thank you very much.
  8. dadabun

    [SOLVED] Can I create a system image backup and restore from my partitioned hard drive to my SSD?

    Can I create a system image backup and restore from my partitioned hard drive to my SSD? My SSD is 240GB. My HDD is 2tb but will make a new partition around 300GB to perform a system image backup from SSD to that partition. Is this possible and will there by any issues? I see others use...
  9. S

    Question How to cancel or revert factory reset process on synology DS216Play?

    Hi everyone, I choosed to reinstall DSM 7.0 because of issues what I experienced, so I went into control panel and choosed the factory reset option, with erase all data. Now I changed my mind, because on the two 2TB hdd there could be some files, what I need though. I look over the internet for...
  10. F

    Question failed restore with EaseUS Backup

    I am using the free edition of EaseUS ToDo Backup and run into problems with restoring in a specific situation. I was doing regular full backups of a Win7 system partition, located on Disk 1 (not sure if it matters, but when I installed Win 7 a long time ago, I forced Windows to use that...
  11. Noobugandu

    [SOLVED] I have a simple question. Can shift deleted videos be restored on a laptop?

    Many months back. I deleted a bunch of videos in a folder deep inside my laptop. I no longer remember the folder. Can these videos be restored, maybe using a software? It doesn't have to be good quality. As long as I can see the filenames, I'm ok. But if it is fully recoverable that would be great.
  12. System32_76

    [SOLVED] How To Create Golden System Image Correctly on Linux?

    Hello everyone! I'm creating a Linux Mint golden system image with my apps and settings already configured for deployment to multiple computers. I'll be using the Clonezilla software to do this, unless there is software out there that is more effective and practical for this purpose. Are there...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] A peculiar windows 10 Crash

    Sometimes, almost randomly but usually when the pc is under some decent amount of stress (Working in CAD or Gaming) the pc would just freeze entirely, forcing a hard shut down. After a reboot I am often met with this blue screen: RESTORE Your pc/Device needs to be repaired. The operating...
  14. HardAsARockie

    Question Accidental Removal Of .bak File In Windows 10 Registry!

    Hello! Yesterday night, I was aiming to change the name of my C drive user folder. I did this, but then I was logged into a temporary user. I was going to use the registry to re-route my sign in to the new pathway, but as things kept failing and failing, I am now stuck at not being able to log...
  15. J

    Question Canceling the factory reset

    Hello, I was resetting Windows 10 all settings through the restore option. I forgot that I left some files on the disk. I canceled the restore in the first stage, when I had the option to cancel before restarting PC. Was my data deleted in some way? What happens during the first recovery phase...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Can I restore windows 10 if I do a factory reset?

    I installed Ubuntu in my laptop, I got rid of Windows 10, and Linux is the only OS in it now. If I do a factory reset of the laptop, will I get windows 10 back? Or, even if it came within the laptop, it is gone forever now?
  17. J

    Question So, anyone got info on 1660 TI?

    Finished my HTPC'ish build. Decided to run a 1660 TI, cause it fit the price point I was looking for. Having a really wierd display bug, HDMI and Displayport both. whenever I am running Windows 10 it will randomly pop up a black screen, for maybe 3-5 seconds, then the display kicks back on...
  18. G


    I’m going to buy a new m.2 ssd with more space but I don’t know if there is a way to transfer all of what I have on my current ssd to the new one. I’m going to put the new m.2 where my current m.2 is so I won’t be using them both at the same time. Please help!
  19. S

    i7-9700k Overclock NEED HELP!

    I7-9700k Overclocking problems! i7-9700k - 4.9Ghz OC H150i PRO 360mm MSI Z370 Gaming Plus (yes I know I should of gotten a better mobo) Trident Z RBG 16 GB DDR4-3200 EVGA 1080 Ti EVGA 850W Gold I am trying to Overclock to the safe 4.9GHz but everytime I do I seem to drop in HWInfo when I...
  20. C

    Dell S2719DM 27" QHD HDR Monitor Review: Style Meets Performance

    With stylish looks and impressive HDR capabilities, there aren't many screens better than Dell's S2719DM at this price point. Dell S2719DM 27" QHD HDR Monitor Review: Style Meets Performance : Read more
  21. C

    AMD Northbridge Error 11

    Hi my computer has been randomly restarting with the error given A fatal hardware error has occurred. Component: AMD Northbridge Error Source: Machine Check Exception Error Type: 11 I have no idea what it could be I checked drivers and they were all good. Any help would be greatly...
  22. Alucard_ggz

    What monitor to buy?

    Hello community. I have only one question, and since im poor while prices rise up very hard in my country im looking for a help from u to choose me best budget/preformance/colour monitor that there is on market. I cant tell u exact price im looking but some range up to 200e is a max.. :( Things...
  23. A

    Will Seasonic S21II 430W be enough for i5 6400 + GTX 1060 3GB Zotac?

    After a long time savings, I'm finally going forward to build a Gaming PC. I am currently having a i3 2100 + GTX 750 Ti + 4GB DDR3 paired with a B75M-D3H Motherboard. I am upgrading to: 1. i5 6400. 2. GTX 1060 Zotac 3GB. 3. 1TB WD Blue 7200 RPM. 4. 4*2 8GB DDR4 2133 Mhz Kingston HyperX. 5...
  24. D

    Keyboard problem? possible port/driver issue?

    So, here's the deal. i haven't used my computer in a couple of months. after i ran it today i noticed that the keyboard started to act weird -It sometimes holds buttons instead of just pressing them (types FFFFFFFFF instead of just F) -It sometimes becomes unresponsive for a minute...
  25. TheStagGamer

    Problem when trying to install win 10 64 bit on HDD

    Picture of problem I uploaded on twitter: Getting this error message when trying to install win 10 64 bit on a formatted HDD. Is there a BIOS setting I need to change somewhere in order for this to work? Thanks Kieran
  26. Mastersaofan

    Secure computing UPS 3000VA UPS

    Hi, does anyone have information about this brand of UPS? I bought it already but Im worried that its really not a reliable brand since not much info is available online. My fault for not doing research 1st but it was the only UPS that has a 3000VA which I needed for my work. Any info about it...
  27. K

    Good sites to use for video game collecting?

    I'm wanting to get into collecting video games, but not sure where to get games from. I know LeapTrade has a good amount of games with great prices, but I'd like to see if any other resources are out there. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  28. W

    Dual monitor setup

    Hi, I'm currently running an i7-5820k and an EVGA 980ti SC setup on an asus rogswift pg278q I wanted to add another monitor to browse the internet or watch youtube and other things while gaming I was thinking about getting the ASUS PB238Q and I was wondering if that will impact my FPS during...
  29. K

    RE: Zotac GTX 980 TI Overheating (thermal paste overkill was the problem)

    Just wanted to share with the forum that I had issues with my graphics card playing World of Warcraft. For awhile i thought it was the graphics drivers from NVIDIA, but finally i decided to pull the card and check the GPU. It was smothered with thermal grease all overflowing like someone put a...
  30. K

    High GPU Temps With New 144Hz Display

    Hi I just bought a new 144Hz monitor and have noticed that my GPU idle temps are very high when I set the monitor's max refresh rate in the Nvidia control panel to 144Hz. When I set it to 60Hz the GPU idles at about 40C (I will be upgrading to a case with better airflow soon). At 144Hz it...
  31. B

    HDD Data Transfer to New Computer

    Hey all, Recently my old desktop computer died, I am pretty sure it was a power issue, not a HDD failure, as the computer wouldn't turn on at all. I am currently trying to access the hard drive on a laptop however it is not showing up in, device manager/windows explorer. I am running windows...
  32. M

    Screen Blacks in and out Randomly

    Hi, Just recently I have been having issues with my screen blacking out for a few seconds then coming back on. It never lasts more than a second at a time and while it is happening I have full control of my computer. Sometimes it happens a whole lot in a small amount of time and other times it...
  33. CreepyBobo346

    Questions About My Future System

    I just wanna make sure I have everything right by asking some questions (If you're responding, please put the question number you are responding to): 1. Is the A88X FM2+ Chipset good for overclocking the Athlon X4 860K? 2. Is the Cryorig H7 a good CPU cooler for overclocking the 860K to clocks...
  34. P

    Looking for a motherboard master

    My motherboard is intel desktop board the fan os working keyboard lightbis working motherboard is beeping. But display is not
  35. T

    Free windows for students?

    Are there any windows OS free to students?
  36. C

    No display when gpu is installed on a new mobo.

    I just got a new motherboard, and it works fine with the integrated video on the motherboard. However, when I add my gpu I get a b2 error on the motherboard. Hardware
  37. J

    Lenovo Z50-70 vs HP Pavilion 15-p189sa

    Hi, I am trying to decide which laptop I should get. I am currently studying Computer Science at University. which one should i get? HP Pavilion 15-p189sa 15.6” Laptop - White. Windows 8.1 Intel® Core™ i5-4288U Processor Memory: 8 GB Hard drive: 1.5 TB...
  38. J

    i5 4690k with 970GTX?

    Working on a build, wondering if this cpu+gpu work well together? any bottlenecking? using in a mostly gaming build. thnx
  39. D

    Does xbox emulator actually exists?

    Does this s#it actually exists? I want to play Forza 4 on my PC but i can't get emulators anywhere.. I tried lot of emulators but always there was problem like this : BIOS component is missing or its outdated. I went on the Internet, but every BIOS.dll had same problem. In other cases these...
  40. Samlikesham

    BIOS Update Problem : /

    So i just bought a Core 2 Duo E6700. It is supported by my motherboard, but only if ii have my bios on update 34. It is currently on 26. But everytime i try to update it to 34, i get an error "this version of windows does not allow the installation of unsigned drivers" bla bla bla. Someone pls...