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    Question Moving a retail license to a different machine

    In another thread I confirmed that deeply discounted copies of Windows are rarely legitimate, and it's difficult to identify the ones that are. On that basis I'm going to look for the best deal I can find in the retail channel - probably about $120. That leads to another question. I need to...
  2. E

    Mixing 2 different sets of ram 4X4GB

    Hi, I wonder if my config is ok or if I can have any problem. Pc is looking fine after a few hours of use but didnt push much of it. So, I have 2x4gb running at 1,5V cl11 and today I bought 2x4GB CL11 of a different brand and running at 1,35V, In the store they told me it is 1,35V/1,5V, not...