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  1. M

    Question AMD Motherboard backplate retention

    Hello. I recently bought a new motherboard . X570-f. The problem,as in title,is that ,the one of the screws of the AMD Motherboard backplate retainer screws is not budging at all. And it's completely stuck.the rest of three were able to be removed. But this one isn't budging at all. Help would...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] How to safely remove AM4 Retention Clips of Cooler Master 212 Turbo

    I'm having a hardtime removing the retention clips that secure the heatsink (CM 212x Turbo) to the am4 Motherboard Whats the correct way of doing this? Ive unlocked the clip and despite applying severe pressure have had no luck removing the clips. Its slightly loose from the cpu as it twists...
  3. C

    Question Old H60 AM4 bracket compatibility

    I got an old Corsair H60 (I believe is the first edition) from a friend who no longer has a use for it but they didn't have a am4 bracket on hand. I was wondering if this bracket is compatible. If not then could you direct me to the correct bracket?
  4. nospecgamer

    [SOLVED] AM4 Retention Bracket Screws Confirmation

    Currently I have my Wraith Spire Installed with my Ryzen 2600, and I put all the screws that I didn't use when I built my PC into a Metal Box with my PSU Cables, and today present time I wanted to upgrade to a Ryzen 2700x because it was on sale. I haven't brought it but I was checking out some...
  5. dmmbbs

    How to start DISCUSSION thread?

    How to start a thread which is not a question but some experience sharing type?