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  1. M

    [SOLVED] Comparison Question for Wife's Birthday

    Hi everyone, Below is two towers that I'm looking at buying for my wife. They're a bit higher performance than what she needs (e.g., internet/social media surfing, Sims games), but figured I'd ask to see if anyone knows of any glaring problems with either one of these systems, before I choose...
  2. mangaman

    Question Can user reviews really be trusted?

    Over the course of many years, many people have gone by user reviews on Amazon, Newegg etc. instead of professional testing results. Couple of my friends from awhile back, said that they always go by the reviews on online shopping sites. If they see a one star review on a well built PSU with...
  3. JQB45

    Question Power Supply Question

    I have a one year old Thermaltake TR2 550W no issues. I have a 4 year old Seasonic S12II 520W no issues. 3 I have a brand new Seasonic S12II 520W not in use. System: ASRock AB350 PRO BIOS 5.40 AGESA Ryzen 5 1600 @ about 3875MHz all core clocks from 1.5GHz to ~3875MHz has only...
  4. T

    Question Where is the F-Panel and HD audio connector on Z390 A-Pro?

    I have a NZXT h500 case and it has two connectors with the labels "F-Panel" and "HD Audio", it's supposed to go in the motherboard but I can't find it. Any ideas?
  5. 1

    Question What GPU should I get?

    I am looking to buy a new GPU. I have a budget of about £155. My CPU right now is an i5 3570 and I have a 1080p monitor. I have been trying to decide which one to get out of these two. I would like it to be able to last for a few years at least and I will still be able to play the most recent...
  6. Paradox1313

    Question Monitor will not hold resolution

    I have three monitors A Samsung at 3440 x 1440 and two identical HP monitors HPR2440w. Both of the HPs are in portrait mode but only one of them is working correctly. One is 1200 x 1920 this one is fine but the other one will not set to this resolution. The one with the issue is sent to 768...
  7. InSovietRussiaComputerBuildsYOU

    [SOLVED] Trouble cooling a 60W Xeon

    I got a mobo bundle for one of my friends, it included a Supermicro server mobo, a Xeon L5640 and some RAM. Unfortunately, it came with a very small passive cooler, which wasn't enough to cool the Xeon, so I recommended him getting a freezer 13, the most affordable block cooler. It does a good...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] UPS restarting PC during Power Fluctuations

    Hi, I have Microtek Inline UPS 600 VA Corsair VS 450 PSU in PC 1 500 GB Seagate Hardisk 1 80 GB Seagate Hardisk Pentium D 805 Processor 2.66 Ghz Intel D945 GCL motherboard with inbuilt Graphic card 8945 express chipset My UPS used to run fine with the above PSU for 3 years..... but now during...
  9. G

    Question RX 570 4GB vs GTX 1060 3GB?

    I'm torn in between buying a used RX 570 for 150$ (114$ USD) and a GTX 1060 3GB for 175$ (133$ USD). Do you guys think these are decent prices for a second hand card? and which one would you get if you were on a ""budget"" (*broke as hell). Any advice is appreciated, thanks.
  10. Sean Hedglin

    Question Built pc

    Hey. I just built my first gaming pc. When I flick the switxh on my PSU and then press my power button it turns on. But aftdr 14-16 seconds it goes off then turns back on about 3seconds later. I dont know why. Can someone help. Here are my specs. I have a corsair cx-m 550w PSU. I have a ASROCK...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Mobo for 32gb Trident z RGB + Ryzen 1700

    Can someone tell me best mobos with this combo? Need something in the mid-range price, nothing too expensive.
  12. rustech

    Answers are missing

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen! This new design looks magnificent and modern, I like it and I'm sure lots of people do so as well. However. I've noticed that some messages are gone. There was a thread where someone and I answered something to the author of the theme, but those messages (that...
  13. S

    How do I activate second ram?

    So my pc recognizes that i have 2 ram but it only uses 1. 16,0GB (7,99GB usable) mobo : gigabyte ga-p55-ud3l ram: 2x kingston hyperx 8GB 1600
  14. T

    Will my cpu make the most out of Gigabyte GTX 1060 6gb?

    Hey guys. I have an old Ryzen 3 1200 and 2x4gb 2400mhz Ram. As the title says, will it run great with Gigabyte Gtx 1060? I've been eyeing on this gpu since it gave awesome mid to intensive gaming benchmark results. Or should I expect bottle necks along the way?
  15. H

    Need help for the connections

    Hello i have a graphic card with 2x6 pin but the power supply is 1x6 pin can i plug the 1x6 pin in the graphic card from the psu and the for the other 6 pin i have a 6 pin pcie to two 4 pin molex so i can connect the 2 (psu) molex to the other 2 molex(adapter cable) the a any help is really...
  16. E

    Recommend a GPU upgrade for an i5-760 at 4GHz? Currently with GTX 460.

    I think I can get another couple years out of this great OC'd processor, I’m looking for recommendations on a good, not necessarily top of the line, GPU to replace my GTX 460 for gaming. Just something that would balance the CPU, not bottleneck it. When I build a new PC, this PC will likely stay...
  17. J

    Graphics Card Drivers Issue

    I already have the most current graphics card drivers but it keeps telling me I have new Radeon software available and I should update. It constantly pings me saying I need to update but I already have the newest software so I am not sure what is wrong with it. The GPU I have is a RX 580. The...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Thunderbolt Add-In Card not going well

    Does anybody have a GC Alpine Ridge TB card working on an Asus Prime Z270-A mobo? If so, HOW?? Do I need to chuck it and go with the Asus card? Most PCI cards have never been this proprietary.
  19. M

    Fx 8350 and Asrock 970 Extreme 3 rev.2 freezes

    Hello, I have a Fx 8350@4ghz, 4X4gb Hyperx 1600 Mhz on a Asrock Extreme 3 rev. 2 motherboard, a geeforce 1060 6gb. except that I have lower writiing ram speeds (half) and gpu performing 25% lower than usual scores, I begin playing AC Origins. PC cover of, an 12cm blowing on the mb, and a noctua...
  20. T

    I need assistance

    I have a Asus model X540N laptop that switches off automatically with no warning and stops working. It also won't function or switch on when not connected to a charger
  21. S

    graphic card not powering on for more than 10 seconds

    hi, I am new to computer building and have just bought a system, AMD Ryzen 5 2600 ASRock B450-HDV gigabyte geforce 1060 Cooler Master MWE gold 750w XPG m.2 2280 128gb PCIe SSD Seagate 2tb HDD I cant seem to get the graphic card to power on for longer than 10 seconds or the system to post...
  22. S

    Rtx 2070 psu

    Hello, could anybody help me to choose the right psu for system listed below, please? Gpu: asus strix rtx 2070 Cpu: i5 9600k Motherboard: literally any decent for a slight overclock, like 0.3-0.5 ghz. Ram: 8x2 ddr4 2666 probably hyperx. And the psu I currently have, it will be delivered...
  23. T

    Samsung PCIe SSD Support for HP ENVY X360 M6 AQ105DX Convertible

    As per internal configuration of my laptop "HP ENVY X360 M6 aq105dx", I would like to know whether my lapotp Support PCIe SSDs (Like Samsung 960 EVO, 970 EVO). Below are the screeenshots attached.
  24. D

    If I buy a non - RAID card, can I still use Windows to make a striped array?

    Hello, thank you for reading this. I was wondering if I buy a non - RAID card, will I be able to use the Windows Disk Management program to create a Striped Volume with disks on the non - RAID card? So, for example. If my 4 SATA ports on my motherboard are occupied, can I add drives to a non -...
  25. J

    [SOLVED] 1030 oc or 1050

    1030 oc or 1050 with i5 8400 for fortnitr streaming and is it harder to ins5all
  26. M

    Recording gameplay with the elgato hd60s

    so I am wanting to record gameplay from a console with the elgato hd60s. Im able to record game play but its at a lower resolution than id like it to be. I currently have an AMD Athlon x4 860k and a nvidia gtx 950 4gb i believe it is. i would like to get it up to 1080p 30fps minimum, not looking...

    [SOLVED] does headphones connected via usb benefit from the motherboards built in soundcard

    like i have a pair of void wireless pro and was wondering if they bennifit from the onboard sound and such since they dont plug in via the port on the motherboard
  28. T

    DRAM Mobo Light stays on MSI B450

    Greetings all, Well after racking myself for 8 hours straight and trying every possible solution; The finish line remain so far away. I put it together turn on power button, CPU Red Light follow by VGA light then boot light. Other times it was VGA always on and of course no signal through...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] Upgrading Motherboard, CPU and RAM

    Current System Specs Motherboard: Asus F2A55-M CPU: AMD A8 RAM: 8gb Power: Corsair 650w Bronze GPU: GTX 1070 Founders Edition SSD: Samsung Evo 500gb HDD: 1TB So for obvious reasons i need to replace my motherboard, cpu and memory. My brother has a brand new MSI z170a M5 with Corsair Vengeance...
  30. R

    i7 6700 (Non K) over clocked, blue screen and now idles at 50°c

    I overclocked my i7 6700 (Non K) and got the blue screen of death. The computer now idles at 40-50°c instead of 20-30°c. Gaming temp are also increased to approx 70-80°c, when they used to be around 50°c. Cooler is an h110i gtx with artic thermal paste (applied correctly). 32gb ddr4 ram. Gtx...
  31. Ragnarous

    Computer stuck at BIOS screen.

    Hey guys, I was casually gaming and went to take a bath real quick, only to come back and see that I couldn't connect to the wireless network. There was an X on top of the wifi bars (windows 7) indicating that there was no connections or anything going on. So I did a restart of my PC and as...
  32. F

    Stutter in all games

    i'm getting really bad performance in all games, i've tried Black ops 3, AC odyssey, AC origins, warframe and Dota 2, im getting expected framerates on warframe and Dota but they freeze every few seconds. Could 3x4GB Ram sticks be the cause? Specs: i5 7500 RX 580 4GB Gigabyte H270-HD3 mobo...
  33. G

    Best gaming and music headset

    I'm currently looking for a new headset. My budget is like 150$. I really like the Corsair Void pro's wireless rgb version, HyperX Cloud Revolver S and Sennheiser game one's. Any suggestions are welcome.
  34. R

    Rear Channels and Front Central coming out of the subwoofer?

    Hello! I have recently got myself a 5.1 setup (Genius Home Theater SW-HF 5.1 6000) as well as external sound card (Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro) that's supposed to be for laptops specifically. The problem is both of my rear channels and front centre are coming out of the subwoofer. Even...
  35. G

    Walmart Crashes Just as Black Friday Sales Begin

    Website issues bring Walmart to its knees just as its best deals begin. Walmart Crashes Just as Black Friday Sales Begin : Read more
  36. C

    What’s the best open back headphone for gaming?(under $200cad)

    I currently have the ath m40x and I wanna upgrade to something better for games I mainly play FPS games competively, like Csgo and rainbow six siege I also listen electronic music occasionally so some bass would be nice I’m thinking of the ath ad500x and seinheiser hd 598 or 559 The cheaper the...
  37. A

    Upgrade to 1070ti vs RTX 2070?

    I am currently in the market for a new GPU. I have a gtx 1060 6G. Now, I want to comfortably play games in Vr as well as 1440p/4K. I am torn on the two because of the price to performance issue. A 1070 ti where i live (Australia) retails around $700 AUD, where a 2070 is roughly $1000. Is it...
  38. I

    Need help. PC not posting, no signal to monitor, mobo debug error code 07.

    Hey guys I need some help. I was overclocking my CPU and I set the cpu voltage too low. PC shut down and couldn't get to BIOS anymore. Now pc starts running but I only get "No Signal" to monitor. I also get LED debug error code 07 (or D7?) on the motherboard which means "Power on CPU...
  39. J

    Vega 56, 590, or stand pat?

    I currently have a 480 8GB, 4690k overclock 4.4, 8GB ram, 2 SSD's 2 HDD's 144htz Freesync monitor (so want and have to stick to AMD), 750 PSU, and dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.10 for now. I am rebuilding it in March 2019. 2600X, 16GB ram, 850 PSU, (was thinking vega 56 or Navi) same drive...
  40. L

    Safe mode is entered whenever I hard reboot

    Can anyone tell me why this happens? Whenever I try to hard reboot I get put into safe mode every single time, and the only way to actually boot into my OS is by going into the BIOS. This is the motherboard I'm using: Here's the safe...