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  1. D

    [SOLVED] Is Vram important for 3D rendering &CAD?

    Hi, Am building a new system and am stuck between the rtx 3080 and 3090. The main advantage for the 3090 is its 24 GB of V ram and the 3080 is quite a bit cheaper. I intend to use this system for programs like Autocad, Revit, sketchup, Lumion or twinmotion and 3ds Max. If you guys can help...
  2. C

    [SOLVED] $600 PC Build for 3D Modelling and rendering, animation, design and gaming

    Hi, I need help to build new pc and i want to make it so i can run softwares that i need for work and college. What im using is : Adobe Photoshop Adobe Ilustrator Maya 3DS Max Autodesk inventor. I woud like to hear your suggestions for build (and please include coolers , case and Power Supply)...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Computer Upgrade for AutoCAD and Revit files

    Hello all, First of all, I will give you my current specs to see if I am looking at this the wrong way. This was a budget build from a couple years back, I haven't had much problems even with a 4K Display. CPU: Pentium G4560 8GB DDR 4 GTX 970 Samsung 1TB SSD I am starting college and...
  4. A

    Question i7 10510u vs i5 10210u for Autocad, Revit and InDesign

    Hi, I need a laptop for university, I will be using Autocad and Revit and InDesign. I wanted a 2-in-1 laptop, and my options have narrowed down to HP Envy x360 15-DR1017TX and HP Envy x360 15-DR1018TX. The only difference is the hard drive (both are fine) and the CPU. The more expensive one is...
  5. H

    Discussion Good laptop for an architecture student

    Hi there, I'm currently moving on into my final year of my studies in an architecture degree. I've finally decided to put my old homemade gaming pc to the side as it's outdated and can run modern games reasonably well but can't render to save its life (literally). I'm wondering what a good...
  6. T

    PC freezes during graphically intensive games

    my PC freezes (not crashes) during graphically intensive games and i have to manually restart my computer and i can still hear sounds like people in discord. its happened in Witcher 3, monster hunter world, middle earth shadow of war, PUBG, ARK, Dying Light, Just Cause 3, BF4 and 1, Dishonored 2...
  7. R

    Dedicated Stream Build Help

    I'm looking to build a dedicated streaming pc for streaming to twitch. I already have a micro atx case, power supply, gpu, storage, sound card and a capture card (also a seperate gaming pc). I need to buy the mobo, cpu, cpu cooler and ram. Been doing research and it seems that a cheaper...
  8. Z

    Moving my old hard drive

    I just recently built a new PC and it has its own OS, I just want to know if its possible to just plug in my old 2TB HDD with its all data on it (music, picture, document, etc. that has an OS installed) without losing any data inside?
  9. S

    Is the i5 4590 a good CPU?

    what exactly is it good for? Im a newbie in building pc and kinda building it for school, web browsing, running some 3d engineering programs, and some very light gaming will probably hook up a rx 470
  10. 5

    AMD X4 975 BLACK EDITION - On a Gigabyte 880GMA-USB3 - PoWeR SuPpLy ????

    I forgot the specs I needed to follow to run this processor. I remember when I bought it I had to get a special powered power supply which has pooped on me after a few years. I was using an Ultra 450W ATX power supply that i upgraded to back then. w/ a MAX Output current range of 28A on +5V, 18A...
  11. A

    Can't use inbuilt recovery for aspire 5315?

    I got an avertec aspire 5315 and every time I try to use Inbuilt restore disk it gives me an error message? I tried it several times, tried to locate my recovery disk, realized I didn't have one (maybe lost during moving or never got one)? It cost me $90. To fix it.. Also my son had the...
  12. H

    How much does it cost to run my computer each month?

    Can someone good at math tell me what the average monthly cost of running my computer would be? I know there's no way to find an exact number, but i just need an approximate estimate, preferably a low-high range I run two monitors, first one is 1920x1080, the second is 1680x1050. My computer...
  13. G

    Computer HDMI input to output

    My computer only has an HDMI input port and I'd like to make an HDMI to HDMI connection from my computer to the TV. (Not USB to HDMI or VGA to HDMI because I don't want to sacrifice quality) What converter or device do I need if I want to hook my computer up to a TV (like how you would hook a...
  14. kaushik37

    Windows 8.1 problems

    I am currently using Windows 8.1. I was a bit interested to test the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview after downloading the free OS from Microsoft Store. But, then during the installation, I thought that it would be a waste of time to install it on my PC. Again I have to reboot the PC, again...
  15. L

    Crossfire R9280x BF4 same FPS like whit single card?

    Hi today i buy new R9 280x, and i put in crossfire whit other R9 280. Then i wanna try fps in BF4 and i got same fps like whit single card. 45-60 all to hight, NOTHING CHANGE IS THAT POSSIBLE?! My system: Monitor: Dell 2560x1600 Motherboard: M5A99FX pro R2.0 Video: Crossfire Gigabyte R9...
  16. G

    Help please :- Catalyst Control Center will not install on my system , using latest download for 280x although drivers install

    Hi , I am having a issue when installing the full download package, The drivers install perfectly.....but for the past couple of latest downloads the Catalyst Control Center always fails to install..... I have tried to uninstall all the drivers in safemode using the latest download option to...
  17. N

    No Audio Output device is installed

    Hi, I've had a HP pavilion dv6500 for many years now and one day when it booted up and I logged in I noticed there was no soud, the windows taskbar sound icon had a red X and it read the title of my post. Now I didn't do any hardware changes nor windows update or something similar, just normal...
  18. B

    Unplayable FPS on a New Build

    Hey guys, I built my first PC back in October and up until recently it's been working well. Now I've been experiencing lag and choppiness for no reason. I play FFXIV:aRR on ultra and Battlefield 4 including all games before that on ultra but recently noticed these Issues after installing Metro...