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  1. TheHellTaykr

    [SOLVED] Fan Leds won't work unless I tap tower.

    Alright so this is "my LED fans wont work" number 874 but here is the synopsis. I bought some cheap GIM fans for my first tower. When I power it on all fans are working but the leds on the fans work for a split second before shutting off. Upon further investigation when I tap the power it turns...
  2. cata.gcc

    Question Where to plug RGB CPU cable if you don't have header on MB?

    Hi! I am planning to buy an rgb m.2 but i want to match the colors with the cpu cooler and case fans, i now have a AMD wraith stealth on top of my R7 1700, and it was on red lighting, i searched how to change it but since it was a bit complicated i haven't bothered to change it. And know i have...
  3. BDumon02

    [SOLVED] Problem with darkflash dr12 pro fans

    Hi, So i bought the 6pack kit of darkflash dr12 pro rgb fans and I connected all 6 fans to the hub, in order, so from 1-6 (there are 8 connection points), then I connected the hub, which is molex to my power supply, so the hub is powered, ass well as the fans, but when I turn on my pc, the fans...
  4. P

    Question Corsair H100i RGB Platinum - only one fan is lighting up?

    Do I need to get a corsair rgb hub to plug both of the rgb hub wires into for this cooler? Right now only 1 of the fans is lighting up. Asus Maximus Hero XI WiFi Motherboard Corsair H100i RGB Platinum Cooler
  5. U

    Question TRIDENT Z RGB or Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO

    Hi, TRIDENT Z RGB or Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO at 3200mhz. Can someone tell me which one has better aesthetics and performs better? Thank You