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    im not sure what topic to ask this on sorry if this is the wrong thread. I have some extra led strips that i want to use on build but this build has a budget motherboard (literally only has 2 fan headers, cpu and sys lol). the ends of the rgb cables are i think 3/4pin crj (i think thats whats...
  2. dragonelf37

    [SOLVED] Chaining AER RGB fan to the HUE2 cable comb

    Hello, So i've got the same problem as mentioned in this thread, in my search for a solution i encountered this nice, compatible cable comb. Does anyone know if it is possible to daisy chain a AER RGB120 fan (hue channel) to this comb, the comb will be connected to the hub. Thanks in advance ;)
  3. D

    [SOLVED] Antec Prizm with Cooler Master RGB Controller?

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if this: https://antec.com/product/cooling/prizm-120-argb-32c.php RGB fan kit with 3 RGB fans and 2 LED strips would be compatible with Cooler Master's ARGB controller. My motherboard doesn't have a dedicated RGB header so if these work together it would be...
  4. C

    Question RGB Fan

    I have Chieftec RGB Fan Pack (3 fans and chieftec fan control hub), so my question is, can i buy fan from another manufacturer (NZXT for example) and connect it to my chieftec control hub?
  5. F

    [SOLVED] Usb Led light strips inside PC safe?

    okay, so I cant find an answer anywhere reddit, google etc. as far as I know. I bought one of those monster RGB LED light strips from walmart for 6 bucks then i saw this video and decide to use them like that. Wondering if it is safe? View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abbMEIcrcT0...
  6. M

    Question Possibly Fried Fan LEDs by Plugging Them In Troubleshooting

    I recently got the MF120R adressable RGB fan. I plugged it into my RGB cable splitter, which is plugged into my D_LED1 RGB connector on my Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite. It worked fine. I then realised that the D_LED2 connector was close enough to be connected to my fan. I decided connect it to that...
  7. calebscedeno

    Question Will these fans work with this Motherboard?

    I wanted to buy these fans, but before I do i want to make sure they work. I know my motherboard cant control ARGB, but i was wondering if i can still control them using the controller or something. (I don't know too much about all the different numbered pin connectors and all the wiring, that's...
  8. hitcom

    Question G.Skill Trident Z RAM can't be recognized on G.skill & MSI software, RAM still working but can't change color, stuck on Rainbow

    So the story goes like this, It worked fine with both G.skill & MSI mystic light software when I finished building my PC. But after a week, I wanted to cycle my ram through 2 colors, which you can't with the G.skill & MSI software. So, after a bit of research, I've read an old post (2017)...
  9. P

    Question RGB Hub or not?

    Hi all, A quick question, I have the Strix H370-I motherboard with one addressable RGB header. I want to add three RGB devices to my system, 2 x Phanteks Halos fan frame and 1 x LED Strip. Here is the link to the Halos...
  10. Rs1107

    Question Rgb fan controlling Please help

    I have bought an rgb fan kit with multiple rgb fans. I would like to control the fan speed through a 3/4 pin connector from a different controller. All fans and the board that came with it have a 6 pin connector. I want to control fan speed with the other speed controller while still being...
  11. Sancorso

    Question I have an array of stuck blue pixels on my laptop's screen

    Good day everyone =) I recently have an issue with my laptop's screen. View: https://imgur.com/a/JAWAXCN As you can see in the images, there is a bluish stain in my screen, but the best part is that is only visible on dark images or black screen. It cannot be visualized unless the screen has...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] can i put different fans on this CPU cooler would it work?

    Hello i plan on buying this CPU cooler it is a upHere RGB CPU Cooler with 4 Direct Contact Heatpipes,Dual 120mm PWM Intelligent Control Addressable RGB Fan Motherboard Sync for my Q77 motherboard but i don't like the fans because it doesn't match my other fans, the other fans i am using are...
  13. S

    Question Installing RGB fans with 1 RGB header

    I have the Asus Prime Z370-A prime. This motherboard only has 1 RGB header on the mother board. If I want to install multiple RGB fans including CPU cooling would it be better to use a controller or just use a splitter and control all components with the Asus Aura Sync program. If anybody has...
  14. PaperPlay

    Question No RGB LED Light spot on Motherboard!

    I recently got Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB and noticed there was no spot for the RGB cable on my Asus P8B75-M mortherboard. Is there anyway to get them working? Thank you for your help! Picture of the wire: View: https://imgur.com/a/WhAIqV0
  15. Molson91

    Question Corsair RGB Lighting

    I'm very confused with the corsair lighting nodes and hubs. I have 6 corsair RGB fans and the Corsair RGB fan LED hub and plan on purchasing 4 corsair LED strips and the lighting node pro. So if I plug-in my corsair fan hub to a lighting node pro, will I be able to control each fan separately...
  16. Arno__Dorian

    Question RGB header compatibility

    Hi guys, Could anyone please tell me if the rgb led strip ( link below ) can be connected to the 12V rgb header on the Giabyte B360 Aorus motherboard ? And is connecting it as simple as just plugging in the 4 pin connector to the motherboard? Thanks in advance :)...
  17. M

    Question Need Mobo recommendations for 3700X

    I am in the process of building a new setup. I currently have Aorus X570 Master. Someone told me that if I don't plan on overclocking then its pointless and I should get something else. does anyone have any recommendation. I was going to go with the ROG crosshair VIII wifi. But I was told that...
  18. amshak01

    Question Trying to remove MSI dragon center and just install mystic light by itself.

    I need some help to determine in MSI dragon center has been thoroughly removed from my custom PC. I initially downloaded it as a way to control the RGB lighting on my RTX 2060 Super from MSI, but I recently wanted to start getting into overclocking with Afterburner's auto OC scanner and read a...
  19. C

    Question Motherboard Support RGB

    Hi do I need a motherboard that supports RGB or it will work on any motherboard like AsRock H170 Performance
  20. M

    Question Will RGB lights work with my motherboard?

    Hello guys.. I'm really lost right now. I want to buy RGB fans for my first PC that I built, but I don't know if my motherboard supports it. It's ASRock Z170M Pro4S Reading the manual didn't help as I found no mention at all of RGB. Put my PC part picker build still lists RGB fans as...