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    Question Display issues with MSI B450 Tomahawk Max

    Hey, After many years of using an AMD FX-8320 CPU, I've decided to move on to a newer, faster CPU, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Box. In order to achieve this, I've changed a few other components of my pc. To be more specific, apart from the CPU mentioned above, I've also bought a new MOBO, MSI B450...
  2. L

    Question Will this cooler fit my motherboard without blocking the memory slots?

    Building my very first PC. Got a question before I start buying anything. Motherboard: Processor...
  3. Freaver

    Question New ram not working proberly

    Cheers, till today i ran my asus prime z370-a mb with two single 8gb ripjaws 3200mhz sticks, with xmp profile. They were installed in a2 and b2. Everything worked fine! Today i got two 16gn ripjaws 3200mhz sticks and put them in the both empty slots. My pc started at first without any problems...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Gaming computer almost unusable it is so slow and glitchy, and freezes.

    I have a gaming computer i put together in 2015 or so, and it has became almost unusable it runs so slow and laggy, and glitchy sometimes freezing and requiring a restart, i still have windows 7 on it could that be it? i haven't messed with it in sometime for me to think somehow i did it. it...
  5. bjsm

    Hyper Threading - On or off for overclocking

    So I've been reading a bit about Hyper Threading and overclocking but it really isn't clear if you should turn it on or off. What I'm wondering is does it really make a difference? Should you leave it on or off if you are a gamer? From what I read turning if off can somehow help your overclock...
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    Looking to replace my HDD with an SSD...can I backup the OS to the SSD somehow?

    Hey guys, my HDD is starting to fail (its about 4 years old now) and I want to buy an SSD to replace it...the only problem is I cannot find my windows 7 disc and don't want to purchase another one (I still have the product key though) Is there a way to backup windows 7 to the SSD/A disc that I...
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    My Logitech g230 stereo gaming headset's mic is not recognized as "plugged in" by my computer.

    I have checked tons of forums and places for answers but I'm getting answers for questions I am not asking. I am asking why my computer wont recognize the microphone and what can I do to fix it Please note that my computer is a tower not a laptop. It has no default microphone
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    2x8GB and 2x4GB

    I'm about to build a gaming computer and I was wondering if I can use two sticks (not sure what to call it) of 8GB RAM and two sticks of 4GB RAM for a total of 24GB RAM. So will it work if I did that or not?
  9. C

    How many fans does this mobo support? How many fans can i hook up to this? I also want to crossfire it and put 16 gb of ram, just double checking this all fine? Im being too worried arent I...